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            Correspondence Courses            
You don't have access to a computer or the Internet? This program and all our courses are available by correspondence.

The base cost is the same, but naturally you must purchase the printed course material also.

Correspondence courses offer the flexibility of starting your courses at any time. Your student file will be maintained online through your private Student's Briefcase, therefore if you wish to join the online education at any time, you will be able to do so.

You may also check our Packages for reduced pricing. Remember to add the cost of the printed course material.

To help you plan your schedule, we have prepared the viewing by Certificate Record Groups or in the alphabetical order by the course name:
Alphabetical Course Listing A-C ] D-F ] G-I ] J-L ] M-O ] P-R ] S-U ] V-Z ]

          a.Student Lounge   
          Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 1    (BASIC)
          Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 3    (ADVANCED)
          Australian: Births, Deaths & Marriages    (BASIC)
          Australian: Church Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Australian: Convict Records    (BASIC)
          Australian: Education Records    (ADVANCED)
          Australian: Government Records-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Australian: Health Records    (ADVANCED)
          Australian: Immigration Records-Free Settlers    (BASIC)
          Australian: Land Records-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Australian: Local History and Regional Sources    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Australian: Military Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Australian: Newspapers and Biographies    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Australian: Occupational Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Australian: Other Sources for Births, Deaths & Marriages    (BASIC)
          Business Skills: Business Administration    (BASIC)
          Business Skills: Career Development: Choosing a Niche-Part 1    (BASIC)
          Business Skills: Career Development: Choosing a Niche-Part 2    (BASIC)
          Business Skills: Creating a Business    (BASIC)
          Business Skills: Establishing & Promoting Your Website    (BASIC)
          Business Skills: Marketing Your Services & Products    (BASIC)
          Canadian: Archival Centres    (ADVANCED)
          Canadian: Census Records-Part 1    (BASIC)
          Canadian: Census Records-Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Canadian: Geography and Maps    (ADVANCED)
          Canadian: Immigration Records    (ADVANCED)
          Canadian: Land Records-Part 1    (BASIC)
          Canadian: Land Records-Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Canadian: Local History and Special Collections    (ADVANCED)
          Canadian: Migration Patterns    (ADVANCED)
          Canadian: Military Records    (ADVANCED)
          Canadian: Newspaper Records    (ADVANCED)
          Canadian: Religious Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Canadian: Vital Statistics Records-Part 1    (BASIC)
          Canadian: Vital Statistics Records-Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Canadian: Wills and Estate Records-Part 1    (BASIC)
          Canadian: Wills and Estate Records-Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Connecting Family: Online and Virtually    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Creating Genealogy Programs for Adults & the Younger Generation    (INTERMEDIATE)

          Danish: A Foundation of the History and Research    (BASIC)
          Demystifying Culture & Folklore    (INTERMEDIATE)
          DNA: Autosomal DNA - Testing For Everyone    (BASIC)
          DNA: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy    (BASIC)
          DNA: Tracing Maternal & Paternal Lines    (BASIC)
          Eastern European: Chronological-Coming Very Soon    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Eastern European: Church Records***NEW***    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Eastern European: Civil Registration-Coming Very Soon    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Eastern European: Introduction to Research for North Americans    (BASIC)
          Eastern European: Languages & Alphabets***NEW***    (BASIC)
          Eastern European: Locating Places-Coming Soon    (BASIC)
          Eastern European: Migration Patterns-Coming Soon    (BASIC)
          Eastern European: Onsite Research-Coming Very Soon    (ADVANCED)
          Eastern European: Other Records-Coming Soon    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Eastern European: Problem Solving-Coming Soon    (ADVANCED)
          Eastern European: Record Repositories-Coming Soon    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Electronic Resources: Creating Your Family Web Site    (BASIC)
          Electronic Resources: Family Tree Maker - v2005-v16    (BASIC)
          Electronic Resources: Family Tree Maker - v2011    (BASIC)
          Electronic Resources: Organize & Publish a Family Tree    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Electronic Resources: RootsMagic    (BASIC)
          Electronic Resources: Using The Internet    (BASIC)
          English/Scottish: Occupations - Military and Services    (INTERMEDIATE)
          English: Census Records Including Wales    (BASIC)
          English: Civil Registration Records Including Wales    (BASIC)
          English: Court Records-Criminal, Civil & Ecclesiastical    (ADVANCED)
          English: Education, Health & Contemporary Documents    (ADVANCED)
          English: Land and Property Records Including Manorial Documents and Maps    (ADVANCED)
          English: Non-Anglican Church Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          English: Occupations - Professions and Trades    (INTERMEDIATE)
          English: Parish Registers    (BASIC)
          English: Poor Law and Parish Chest Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          English: Probate Records    (BASIC)
          English: Taxes, Lists, Business, Electoral and Insurance Records    (ADVANCED)
          English: Understanding Names in Genealogy    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Forensic Genealogy    (INTERMEDIATE)

          Genealogy and Copyright Guidelines    (ADVANCED)
          Genealogy Ethical Guidelines & Standards***NEW***    (ADVANCED)
          Genealogy Society Creation & Management    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Genetics & Medical Family History    (ADVANCED)
          German: Chronological Considerations    (INTERMEDIATE)
          German: Church Records    (BASIC)
          German: Civil Registration Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          German: Compiled Sources    (ADVANCED)
          German: Emigration Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          German: Germans Outside of Germany    (ADVANCED)
          German: Introduction to Research    (BASIC)
          German: Locating Places in Germany    (BASIC)
          German: Naming Practices***NEW***    (ADVANCED)
          German: Reading the Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          German: Record Repositories    (INTERMEDIATE)
          German: The Language    (BASIC)
          Google for the Wise Genealogist    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Heraldry for the Family Historian    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Investigate: Adoption Records    (BASIC)
          Investigate: Lost Friends and Family Records    (BASIC)
          Irish: Archival Repositories    (BASIC)
          Irish: Census and Census Substitute Records    (BASIC)
          Irish: Civil Registration    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Irish: Conformist and Non-Conformist Church Records    (BASIC)
          Irish: Court Records, State Papers, Parliamentary Documents    (ADVANCED)
          Irish: Electoral & Taxation Records    (ADVANCED)
          Irish: Estate, Plantation and Settlement Records    (ADVANCED)
          Irish: Immigration, Naturalization and Emigration Records    (ADVANCED)
          Irish: Land Administration Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Irish: Major Printed Sources    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Irish: Military, Naval and Pension Records    (ADVANCED)
          Irish: Monumental (Gravestone) Inscriptions    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Irish: Testamentary Source Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Irish: Understanding Ireland, History and Source Records    (BASIC)
          Italian: Case Studies & Evidence Analysis-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Italian: Census & Tax Records-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Italian: Church Records-Part 1-Not Scheduled    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Italian: Church Records-Part 2-Not Scheduled    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Italian: Civil Registration Records-Part 1    (BASIC)
          Italian: Civil Registration Records-Part 2    (BASIC)
          Italian: History, Geography...-Not Scheduled    (BASIC)
          Italian: Introduction to Research Outside of Italy    (BASIC)
          Italian: Language and Location    (BASIC)
          Italian: Military & Conscription Records-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Italian: Notarial & Land Records-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Italian: Researching Ancestors Online-Not Scheduled    (INTERMEDIATE)

          Lecturing Skills Including Preparation    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Librarianship: Cooperative Ventures and Referrals    (ADVANCED)
          Librarianship: Developing a Genealogy Website    (ADVANCED)
          Librarianship: Developing Successful Genealogy Collections    (BASIC)
          Librarianship: Genealogy Record Types    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Librarianship: Genealogy Reference Interview    (BASIC)
          Librarianship: Handouts, Brochures and Online/Multi-Media Reference Tools    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Librarianship: Internet Genealogy Searches    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Librarianship: Programming and Marketing Your Services    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Librarianship: Specialized Genealogy Sources    (BASIC)
          Librarianship: Twenty-First Century Genealogy Services    (BASIC)
          Life of Our Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)

          Methodology - Part 1: Getting Started    (BASIC)
          Methodology - Part 2: Organizing and Skill-Building    (BASIC)
          Methodology - Part 3: More Strategies    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Methodology - Part 4: Effective Searching and Recording    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Methodology - Part 5: How To Prove It    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Methodology - Part 6: Professional Preparation and Practice    (ADVANCED)
          Organising a One-Name Study    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Organising a One-Place Study    (INTERMEDIATE)

          Palaeography: Reading & Understanding Historical Documents    (ADVANCED)
          Personal Historian: Beginning Genealogy    (BASIC)
          Personal Historian: Oral History & Interviewing Techniques    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Personal Historian: Telling the Stories    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Personal Historian: Video Techniques    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Photography: Clues Pictures Hold, Editing, Digitizing and Various Projects    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Planning a Fabulous Family Reunion    (BASIC)
          Planning a Research Trip Including Preparing for Salt Lake City    (BASIC)
          Planning a Research Trip to Ireland    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Producing Your Family Video    (BASIC)
          Protect Your Precious Documents    (BASIC)
          Research: 20th Century United States Records, Including Adoption Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Acadian Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: African American Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Alberta Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: American Records Using    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: American World War II Ancestors-Part 1    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: American World War II Ancestors-Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Australian Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: British Columbia Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: British India Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Canadian Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Child Migration from Britain    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Colonial New England Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Dutch Ancestors in the Netherlands    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Eastern European Ancestors-Not Scheduled    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: English & Welsh Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: FamilySearch Resources - In Person and Online    (BASIC)
          Research: French-Canadian Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: German Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Grandmothers, Mothers & Daughters-Tracing Women    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Great Lakes States-Not Scheduled    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: House & Farm Histories    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Irish Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Italian Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Jewish Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Manitoba Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Mayflower Ancestry    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: New Brunswick Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: New Zealand Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Newfoundland & Labrador    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Nova Scotia Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Ontario Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Polish Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Quebec Non-Francophone Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Saskatchewan Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Scandinavian Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Scottish Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Slovak Ancestors-Part 1    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Slovak Ancestors-Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Social History    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: South Africa Ancestors Including Military Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: The National Archives of England    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: U.S. Midwestern States Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: U.S. Western States Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: Ukrainian Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Research: United Empire Loyalist Ancestors    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Researching French Forts of New France    (INTERMEDIATE)

          Scottish/English: Occupations - Military and Services    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Scottish: Beyond the OPRs-Not Scheduled    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Scottish: Census Records    (BASIC)
          Scottish: Court & Government Records-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Scottish: Criminals & Criminal Courts-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Scottish: Education, Occupations...-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Scottish: Emigration & Immigration-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Scottish: Land & Property Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Scottish: Old Parish Registers***NEW***    (BASIC)
          Scottish: Special Aspects of Scottish Research    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Scottish: Statutory Registration    (BASIC)
          Scottish: Tax Records, Oaths & Rolls-Not Scheduled    (ADVANCED)
          Scottish: The Poor & Poor Relief-Not Scheduled    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Scottish: Wills and Testaments    (BASIC)
          Skill-Building: Breaking Down Brick Walls    (BASIC)
          Skill-Building: Evidence Analysis and Evaluation Using Case Studies    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Skill-Building: Nuts & Bolts of Reporting Research    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Skills: Transcribing, Abstracting & Extracting    (BASIC)
          Social Media Tools for the Wise Genealogist    (INTERMEDIATE)
          US: Cemetery and Mortuary Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          US: Census Records    (BASIC)
          US: Court Records    (ADVANCED)
          US: Immigration & Naturalization Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          US: Institutional Records    (ADVANCED)
          US: Land Records    (BASIC)
          US: Migration Patterns    (INTERMEDIATE)
          US: Military Records    (ADVANCED)
          US: Newspaper Records    (ADVANCED)
          US: Occupational Records    (ADVANCED)
          US: Probate Records    (INTERMEDIATE)
          US: Religious Records-Part 1    (BASIC)
          US: Religious Records-Part 2    (INTERMEDIATE)
          US: Vital Records, Understanding and Using The Records    (BASIC)

          Writing for Genealogy: Articles, Blogs, Research Reports and so much more    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Writing the Genealogistís Memoir    (INTERMEDIATE)
          Writing Your Family History Book    (BASIC)
          z.Course Placeholder   


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