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            Our Graduates            
The International Institute is proud to introduce our graduates!     

Listed below you will see the Certificate records we offer. By clicking a specific country, you will see the names of graduates from the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of our program. We have also listed our graduates of the complete Certificate in Genealogical Studies.

We congratulate each one of them. Completing this program has shown their dedication to our chosen field...

Postnomial Designation: When a student successfully completes the 40 course Certificate in Genealogical Studies program, specializing in the records of a specific country, or the 12 course Certificate in Genealogical Studies-Librarianship program, The International Institute of Genealogical Studies awards the postnomial designation PLCGS (Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies).

SPECIALIZATION: to select the Certificate specialization areas, please click on the links below.

        • American Records
        • Australian Records
        • Canadian Records
        • DNA and Genetic Genealogy
        • Eastern European Records
        • English Records
        • German Records
        • Irish Records
        • Italian Records
        • Librarianship
        • Methodology
        • Professional Development
        • Scottish Records


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