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Analysis and Skills Mentoring-Part 1
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NOTE: This course requires compulsory materials to be ordered. Please see the Supplies section for details.

It is recommended you complete all Basic Level courses before beginning this one. This course is six-months in length and can be completed in as little as two months. The student will spend an average of 4 to 6 hours a week working on this course. If you spend 2-3 hours a week on the course you will complete it in six months; 4-6 hours a week, you will be done in four months; and, of course, 6-8 hours a week, the course is done in two months. Scheduling yourself is the key!

The Analysis & Skills Mentoring Program has been designed to promote the quality of the work that every family historian and genealogist should strive to achieve. Do not limit your level of excellence by assuming that this program is not relevant to your specific projects.

This course will allow you to implement the training you have received throughout your Basic Level courses. There will be compulsory reading. You will already have studied the instructional materials required within your Basic Level courses. Enriching your researching skills, this program will allow you to practice and improve your problem-solving capabilities. If you are a beginning level genealogist, we advise you to complete all other Basic Level courses before starting this one. If you have been involved with genealogy for a few years and have a good understanding of basic records and methodology, you may choose to work on this course in conjunction with the other courses in the Basic Level.

The course’s assignments/projects will be reviewed by an instructor. Instructional feedback will be provided during two individual consultation appointments. An integral part of this practical program involves discussing your completed assignments, guidance, and advice regarding the appropriateness and quality of your work.

Please be aware this course is set up in a different format than most of our other courses. Although this is a 26-week course, it simply means that you will have up to six months from the date you start the course to complete and submit all the assignments and the private one-on-one consultations. Once you have scheduled your start date for this course, it is advised you make every effort to schedule your time to work towards completing the course’s required reading, assignments, attend the Virtual Meetings, and consultations with an instructor. You are provided with a Course Study Plan to help you keep on track in completing the course in the allotted time.

Course Content

General Notes & Overview
The Learning Process
Course Guidelines

Virtual Meeting - A&S General Discussion

Course Reading Materials - Part 1
Assignments 1 to 4
Private - First Consultation Appointment
Assignment 5

Course Reading Materials - Part 2
About the Scholarly Article for Review
Virtual Meeting - A&S-Part 1 Article Review
Assignment 6
Private - Second Consultation Appointment

Ethics in Genealogy
Codes of Ethics
Recommended Reading

Citing Your Sources
Core Elements
Recommended Reading

Analysis Process
History of the Genealogical Proof Standard
Recommended Reading

Scholarly Article Interpretation
How to Read & Study a Scholarly Article

Reading NGSQ Articles
Studying versus Reading
Studying the NGSQ Article
Recommended Reading

NGSQ Scholarly Article for Review

Additional Reading



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