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Research: Ukrainian Ancestors
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This course provides basic information and tips on researching Ukrainian ancestors at home and abroad. Ukraine is a large country shaped by history and geography, and it is only since 1991 that it has become "open" to receive genealogical requests.

An overview of how the country is formed lays the groundwork for how to look for relevant genealogical information. It is useful to gain some knowledge of the Ukrainian language when making research inquiries. Some language fundamentals will be explained.

The search for records should begin at "home," but the researcher may also need to be prepared to search "away." An extensive list of sources and resources is included which will aid considerably when tracking down information. Many useful travel tips are given for those able to take a trip to Ukraine.

A comprehensive reference list is provided and can serve as a basis for your own research catalogue. Do not hesitate to make additions.

Course Content

Module 1

• History
• Geography
• Map of Ukraine
• Emigration
• The First Wave: 18961914
• The Second Wave: 1920s1930s
• The Third Wave: 1940s1950s
• Hamburg Document Pouch
• Map of Diaspora
• The Diaspora

Module 2
Where To Start
• Family Stories
• Tip
• Names
• Translation of an Austro-Hungarian Passport I
• Translation of an Austro-Hungarian Passport II
• Language
Vital Statistics In Canada
• Tip
• Wills & Estates
• Obituaries & Newspaper Announcements
• Sample Funeral Receipt
• Church Records
• Sample Parish Record
• Translation of Parish Record
• Cemetery Records
• Census Records

Module 3
Genealogical Societies & Sources
• Societies Around the World
Archives in Ukraine
RAHS (RAGS) Registry of Vital Statistics
The Internet
• Maps
• Map of Lemberg (Lviv)
• Map of Skala, Borshchiv
LDS Microfilms
The Zabuzanski Collection
The LI-RA-MA Collection (Russian Consular Records)
• The Hamburg Passenger Lists
• Tip
• Port of Arrival (Entry)
• Photograph of S.S. ARCADIA
• Homestead Records
• Sample Land Receipt
• Naturalization & Citizenship
• National Registration 1940

Module 4
Visiting Ukraine
• Writing to Ukraine
• Envelope from Ukraine
• Travel Agents
• Preparing for a Trip to Ukraine
• Useful Words
Addresses & Additional References
• Ukrainian Resources Around the World
• Consulate General & Embassy
• Archives in Ukraine
• Western Ukraine
• Archives in Other Oblasts
• Ukrainian Church Records
• Catholic Records
• Orthodox Records
• Russian Orthodox Records
• United Church Records
• Baptist Records
International Archives & Repositories
• Argentina
• Austria
• Czech Republic
• Germany
• Hungary
• Moldova (Moldavia/Bessarabia)
• Poland
• Romania
• Russia
• Slovakia
• United States
• Venezuela
International Genealogical Societies
• Argentina
• Australia
• Austria
• Brazil
• Hungary
• New Zealand
• Poland
• Sweden
• United States
• Venezuela
Archives in Canada
• Genealogical Societies in Canada
• Offices for Vital Statistics in Canada

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