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W3 Schools
W3C - Adding a Touch of Style
W3C - Cascading Style Sheets: Learning CSS
W3C - HTML 4.01 Specification
W3C - Markup Validation Service
W3C - Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
W3C - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
W3C - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
W3C - XHTML™ 1.0: The Extensible HyperText Markup Language (Second edition)
W3C - XHTML2 Working Group Home Page
W3C: Web Accessibility Initiative - Quick Tips to Make Accessible Web Sites
WA Now and Then - Mechanics Institute
WA Secretary of State Wikis - WA National Digital Newspaper Program Wiki
WA State Archives
WA State Archives - Search the Archives Collections
WA State Library
WA State Library - Historic Newspapers
Wakefield Family History Sharing - Census Summary Chart
Waldesian Families Research - The Waldensian Parish Registers
Walt's Publishing on the Web Forum - Creating Small, Fast loading Graphics for Web Pages
War & Conflict: The Plantation of Ulster
War Memorials of Western Australia
War Scholar - Timeline - They Came for Love of an Aussie
Wardway Homes
Warren County Genealogical Society
Warringah Library Service - Warringah Council Minutes Archive (1906-1997)
Warwickshire County Record Office - Calendars of Prisoners Database
Washington American Local History Network
Washington Courts
Washington Courts - Washington State Law Library
Washington Rural Heritage
Washington State Archives
Washington State Archives - Digital Archives
Washington State Department of Health
Washington State Department of Health- Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Vital Records
Washington State Department of Natural Resources - Public Land Survey Office
Washington State Genealogical Society
Washington State Historical Society
Washington State Historical Society - Women’s History Consortium
Washington State History Museum
Washington State Legislature - Office of the Code Reviser
Washington State Library
Washington State Library - Land Records in Washington State
Washington State University - Digital Collections,720
Washington State University - Digital Collections,717
Washington State University - Digital Collections,748
Washington State University - Libraries - Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Washington University in St Louis - University Libraries - Congressional Serial Set
WASP on the WEB
WASP on the Web
Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society & Archives - Flamborough Archives
Waterford Heritage Services
Waterford Libraries - Death Register
Watershed DNA
Watershed DNA - Blog
WAVES - “Establishment of Women’s Reserve, Public Law 689, H.R. 6807, 30 July 1942 [Chapter 538]”
WayBackMachine - Pupils of the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, 1874-1883
Wayne State University - Walter P. Reuther Library - United Farm Workers of America (UFW)
WCTU Australia Ltd - WCTU-Our History
We Will Remember War Monuments in Canada
Web Developer's Journal
Web Developer's Virtual Library - Cascading Style Sheets
Web Developers Notes - Color Combinations
Web Page Design for Designers
Web Style Guide
Web Style Guide - Emphasis
Web Style Guide - Sidebar: Type Sizes for Comfortable Reading
Web Style Guide - Visual Design - Hexadecimal Numbers Guide
Webb Surname DNA Project
WebCity Canada Directory
Webopedia - PDF
WebRing - Nordic-American Family Genealogy
Webroot - How Do I Create a Strong and Unique Password?
Websites of New Zealand Cemeteries
Wedderburn Pages - Glossary
Weebly - Help Center - Add Social Icons (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more!)
Weights and Measures Act of 1824
Wellcome Collection
Wellcome Collection
Wellcome Library - British Pharmaceutical Records Database
Wellcome Library - Finding medical archives elsewhere
Wellcome Library - History of the Wellcome Library
Wellington - New Zealand GenWeb Project - Ships with Passengers for Port Nicholson
Wellington City Council - Cemeteries Search
Wellington City Libraries - Genealogy
Wellington Genealogy Index
Welsh Mariners
WeRelate - Massachusetts Online Vital Records Research Guide
WeRelate - Video Tutorials
Wesley Historical Society - Genealogy Research
West Cheshire Museums - Lion Salt Works
West Gate Bridge Memorial
West Hants Historical Society
West Surrey Family History Society
West Virginia Archives & History
West Virginia Archives & History - Researching Your Revolutionary War Ancestor
West Virginia Judiciary
West Virginia University Library
West-Brabants Archief
Western Australia Genealogical Society Inc. - Indexes and Databases
Western Australia Police Historical Society
Western Australia Vista - Goldfields Pipeline
Western Australian - Department of Attorney General - Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages
Western Australian Genealogical Society
Western Australian Genealogical Society - 1829 Shipping Arrivals
Western Australian Genealogical Society - Special Interest Groups - Convict
Western Australian Medical Museum
Western Australian Museum
Western Australian Museum - Shipwreck Database - Shipwrecks
Western Australian Museum - Welcome Walls
Western Australian Museum - Welcome Walls - Search
Western Front Association - Ancestry Pension Records
Western Mining History
Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America
Western Reserve Historical Society
Western Reserve Historical Society - Immigration and Migration
Western Reserve Historical Society - Jewish American Archives
Western Springs Historical Society, Illinois
Western Women's History Resources
Western Wyoming Community College - Wyoming History
Westfries Archief
Westmorland Historical Society - Keillor House Museum
Westpac Group - Company overview
Westward Migration Routes
Wexford County Archive - Family history
Wharton Family History
What’s Past is Prologue
WhatWasThere - iPhone App
Wheaton College - Buswell Library - When Works Pass into the Public Domain
White Ensign Southern Cross 1788-1913
White Online [New Zealand]
White Pages [Australia]
White Pages Romania
White Trash Scriptorium - Latin E-Books
Whitehorse Manningham Heritage Network
WhitePages - Find People
WHKLMA Historical Atlas - History of Hungary
WHKLMA Historical Atlas - History of Poland
Who Do You Think You Are Magazine - What is child migration?
Who Do You Think You Are? - South African ancestors
Who Do You Think You Are? [Australia]
Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine
Who Do You Think You Are? Story
Who Were/Are the Immigrants to the U.S.?
Wholly Genes
Wholly Genes - The Master Genealogist - Sample Reports
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies
Wichita State University - University Libraries
Wichita State University - University Libraries - Department of Special Collections
Wicklow County Council - Wicklow County Archives & Genealogy Service
Wicklow County Genealogical Society
Wideweb - Directory of Hungarian Links - Hungarians Abroad - Genealogy
Wienbibliothek digital - Adolph Lehmann’s allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger
WIGenWeb - Oconto County, Wisconsin
Wigtownshire Pages - Genealogy in Wigtownshire
Wikia - Familypedia
WikiBooks - Genealogy/Locating the previous overseas residence
WikiBooks - Wiki Science/How to start a Wiki
WikiCFP - A Wiki for Calls For Papers
wikiHow - How to Start a Blog
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons - Atlas of Austria
Wikimedia Commons - Atlas of Austria-Hungary
Wikimedia Commons - File:1827 Finley Map of the West Indies, Caribbean, and Antilles
Wikimedia Commons - File:Canada provinces evolution.gif
Wikimedia Commons - File:Hungary1850.png
Wikimedia Commons - Images from the German Federal Archive
Wikimedia Commons - Map of New York, New England, and Pennsylvania
Wikipedia - American Guide Series
Wikipedia - Barn
Wikipedia - Battle of Vienna
Wikipedia - Blockhouse
Wikipedia - Blog
Wikipedia - British South Africa Company Medal
Wikipedia - Calendar of Saints (Lutheran)
Wikipedia - Category: History of the Australia work of the Moravian Church
Wikipedia - Category:Fraternal Orders
Wikipedia - Category:Roman Catholic churches in Austria
Wikipedia - Clara Foltz
Wikipedia - Classical Latin
Wikipedia - Commonwealth Games
Wikipedia - Comparison of Genealogy Software
Wikipedia - Comparison of Web Conferencing Software
Wikipedia - Content Management Systems
Wikipedia - Counties of Hungary
Wikipedia - Damerau–Levenshtein Distance
Wikipedia - Deep web
Wikipedia - Dictionary of National Biography
Wikipedia - Doric Dialect (Scotland)
Wikipedia - Early American Currency
Wikipedia - Early Irish Law
Wikipedia - Edict of Nantes
Wikipedia - Education in Australia
Wikipedia - Eugenics
Wikipedia - Fair Use
Wikipedia - Farm
Wikipedia - First Boer War
Wikipedia - Fraktur
Wikipedia - Galton-Watson Process
Wikipedia - General Lying-in Hospital
Wikipedia - Global Spread of the Printing Press
Wikipedia - Great Migration (African American)
Wikipedia - Hinduism in Australia
Wikipedia - Historical Records Survey
Wikipedia - History of electricity supply in Queensland
Wikipedia - History of Poland
Wikipedia - History of Poliomyelitis
Wikipedia - History of the Internal Combustion Engine
Wikipedia - History of the Scots Language
Wikipedia - Hobart Synagogue
Wikipedia - Internet Forum
Wikipedia - Irish Australian
Wikipedia - Irish Diaspora
Wikipedia - Irish Mexican
Wikipedia - Irish Settlement in Argentina
Wikipedia - Ishi
Wikipedia - Islam in Australia
Wikipedia - Jameson Raid
Wikipedia - Jewish Religious Movements
Wikipedia - Johnson County War
Wikipedia - Katherine, Northern Territory,_Northern_Territory
Wikipedia - King’s South Africa Medal
Wikipedia - Leprosy
Wikipedia - List of archives in the United Kingdom
Wikipedia - List of Australian psychiatric institutions
Wikipedia - List of British prison hulks
Wikipedia - List of cemeteries in Hungary
Wikipedia - List of Correctional Facilities in Ontario
Wikipedia - List of Economic Crises
Wikipedia - List of former German colonies
Wikipedia - List of hereditary and lineage organizations
Wikipedia - List of heritage registers
Wikipedia - List of Imperial German artillery regiments
Wikipedia - List of Imperial German Cavalry regiments
Wikipedia - List of names of European cities in different languages
Wikipedia - List of Newspapers in Australia
Wikipedia - List of newspapers in Sweden
Wikipedia - List of Online Newspaper Archives - Canada
Wikipedia - List of Online Newspaper Archives - United States
Wikipedia - List of open-air and living museums
Wikipedia - List of placename renaming in South Africa
Wikipedia - List of Prisons
Wikipedia - List of Prisons - Canada
Wikipedia - List of search engines - Metasearch engines
Wikipedia - Liste deutscher Adelsgeschlechter
Wikipedia - Lists of Schools in Australia
Wikipedia - Liturgical calendar (Lutheran) - In Scandinavian Countries
Wikipedia - Local government in Australia
Wikipedia - Lying-in
Wikipedia - Maritime Fur Trade
Wikipedia - Markup language
Wikipedia - Masonic ritual and symbolism
Wikipedia - Mechanics’ Institutes
Wikipedia - Merovingian Dynasty
Wikipedia - Metaphone
Wikipedia - Military history of South Africa - World War I
Wikipedia - Military history of South Africa - World War II
Wikipedia - Mind map
Wikipedia - Mining in Australia
Wikipedia - Nellie Cashman
Wikipedia - News Corp Australia
Wikipedia - Nynorsk
Wikipedia - Olympic Games
Wikipedia - One-Name Study
Wikipedia - Oregon Trail
Wikipedia - Outhouse
Wikipedia - Paralympic Games
Wikipedia - Patronymic
Wikipedia - Peace of Westphalia
Wikipedia - Personal Ancestral File
Wikipedia - Population and housing censuses by country
Wikipedia - Postpartum Depression
Wikipedia - Programming language
Wikipedia - Public Domain
Wikipedia - Queen’s South Africa medal
Wikipedia - Ragged school
Wikipedia - Rand Rebellion
Wikipedia - Reform Act 1832
Wikipedia - Religion
Wikipedia - Religion in Australia
Wikipedia - Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers
Wikipedia - Rupert's Land's_Land
Wikipedia - Sami people
Wikipedia - Scots Language
Wikipedia - Scottish Clan
Wikipedia - Scottish English
Wikipedia - Scottish Gaelic
Wikipedia - Shetlandic
Wikipedia - Social Bookmarking
Wikipedia - Society of the Sacred Advent
Wikipedia - Soundex
Wikipedia - Sprendlingen
Wikipedia - SS Mendi
Wikipedia - Sütterlin
Wikipedia - Swan River Mechanics’ Institute’_Institute
Wikipedia - Technical and further education
Wikipedia - Telegraphy
Wikipedia - The Great Hunger
Wikipedia - Transatlantic Telegraph Cable
Wikipedia - U.S. Steel
Wikipedia - Ulster Scots (Linguistics)
Wikipedia - United States Copyright Law
Wikipedia - University of the Third Age - Australia
Wikipedia - Website
Wikipedia - Westpac
Wikipedia - Whaling in Australia
Wikipedia - Who’s Who in Australia
Wikipedia - Wikipedia: List of online newspaper archives
Wikipedia - Wikipedia: Public Domain Image Resources
Wikipedia - Wikipedia: Public Domain Resources
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:List of online newspaper archives - Ireland
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:WikiProject Secret Societies/Prospectus
Wikipedia - Windows Phone
Wikipedia - Work for Hire
Wikipedia - Work Progress Administration
Wikipedia - Written Scots Language
WikiTree - Blog
WikiTree - Blog - Prune, Don’t Chop, Branches on WikiTree
WikiTree - Help:Community Membership
WikiTree - How to Use WikiTree
Wiley Online Library - 15. Records of Commissions of Sewers
Wiley Online Library - Annals of Human Genetics
Wiley Online Library - Forensic Investigation of a Shawl Linked to...
Wiley Online Library - The Economic History Review - The Assize of Bread
Wilfred Laurier University - Martin Lutheran University College
Wilfrid Laurier University - Laurier Military History Archive
Wilfrid Laurier University Library - Laurier Archives - Lutheran Church
Willamette University - Willamette University Archives
William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum
William Jewell College - Curry Library - Special Collections
William Kenyon Australian Confederated SCV Camp 2160
Williams Computer Science - The Bailey’s Free Genealogy Forms
Wiltshire Council - Wiltshire and Swindon Archive Catalogue - Wiltshire Wills
Window - SkyDrive
Windows - Movie Maker
Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience - Governor Gary Locke Library ...
Wings Across America
Winnipeg Free Press - “Industrious Italians rose from peasant roots and adapted to Canadian society”
Winnipeg Free Press - Archives
Winnipeg Public Library
Winslow Heritage Society
Wired - Find Exactly What You’re Looking for With Google’s Custom Search Feature
Wired - Take These 7 Steps Now to Reach Password Perfection
Wired - What’s up With That: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Your Own Typos
Wirksworth Area Census
Wisconsin Court System
Wisconsin Department of Health Services - Vital Records Services
Wisconsin Department of Health, Vital Records
Wisconsin Historical Society
Wisconsin Historical Society - Area Research Center Network
Wisconsin Historical Society - Draper Manuscript Collection
Wisconsin Historical Society - Wisconsin State Archives and State Records
Wisconsin State Genealogical Society
Wisconsin State Genealogical Society - WSGS Webinars
Witkin Legal Institute - The Witkin Library
Woking Borough Council - Woking’s Crematorium and Cemeteries
Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram Alpha - Money & Finance
Wolverhampton City Archives - Family History Research
Woman’s Relief Corps
Women & Politics in South Australia - In Parliament
Women and the Home Front During World War II
Women in the Army - History
Women in the U.S. Army
Women of the WAVES
Women of the West Museum - This shall be the land for women
Women of Vision - Index and History of Nuns and Sisters
Women of World War II
Women’s Army Corp Veterans’ Association - History of the Women’s Army Corps
Woo Themes
Wood County, Ohio - Wood County Auditor
Wood County, Ohio - Wood County Recorder - On-line Indexes
Woodland Cultural Centre
Woodman Point Quarantine Station
Woodstock Public Library - Newspapers - Search the Collection
Worcester News - Berrow's Worcester Journal - Introduction
Wordoid - About SEO on - Forums - Ideas - Support - Audio - Support - Contact Form - Support - Export - Support - Facebook Integration - Support - Galleries and Slideshows - Support - Google Calendar - Support - Google Integration - Support - Import - Support - Likes - Support - Plugins - Support - Security - Support - Sharing - Support - Stats - Support - Webmaster Tools - Support - Widgets »Eventbrite Event Calendar/Listing Widget - Support - Widgets»Follow Blog Widget - Support - Widgets»Twitter Timeline Widget - Support - and - Installing WordPress - Plugin Directory - Editorial Calendar - Plugin Directory - WooCommerce - Plugin Directory - WordPress Simply PayPal Shopping Cart - Themes Directory - Commercially Supported GPL Themes - Twenty Thirteen
WordStream - A Google Projects Resting Ground: The Google Graveyard
Workaday Minnesota - Labor Education
Working Class Movement Library
World Conference on Records & Genealogical Seminar-Tracing Ancestry of Yugoslavs & Czechoslovakians
World Digital Library
World Exonumia - List of Faternal Organizations
World History Project
World of Victorian Photography
World Public Library
World Through The Lens - Obscure Old English Census Occupations
World War 2
World War II Atlanta - Women in World War II - Bibliography
World War II Database
World War II Database - World War II Glossary
World War II Research and Writing Center
World War II Troop Ships
World War II U.S. Navy Armed Guard and World War II U.S. Merchant Marine
World War One Battlefields - The Somme - Delville Wood
World Wide Web Virtual Library - History Central Catalogue
WorldAtlas - Baltic Sea
WorldAtlas - Danish Strait
WorldAtlas - Denmark
WorldAtlas - Iceland
WorldAtlas - North Sea - Europe - Poland
WorldCat - Find in a Library on Your Mobile Device
WorldGenWeb - Auckland, New ZealandGenWeb
WorldGenWeb Project
WorldGenWeb Project - AustraliaGenWeb
WorldGenWeb WorldGenWeb - UkraineGenWeb
WorldStandards - Plug, socket & voltage by country
WorldTravels - Denmark Maps
Worshipful Company of Bakers
Worshipful Company of Farriers
Worshipful Company of Farriers
Worshipful Company of Fruiterers - Our History
Worshipful Company of Glaziers & Painters of Glass - The History of ...
Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers
Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks
Worshipful Company of Paviors
Worshipful Company of Pewterers
Worshipful Company of Plumbers - Company History and Traditions
Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers
Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers - The Rise and Decline of Guilds...
Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers - Tiling and Bricklaying
Worshipful Company of Upholders of The City of London
wpbeginner - Blog - Tutorials - Best WordPress Tutorials
WRANS-Naval Women’s Association (ACT)
Writer, The
Writer’s Circle
Writer’s Digest
Writer’s Digest - Creative Writing Prompts
Writer’s Digest - The Key Elements of Writing a Good Memoir
Writer’s Digest University
Writing Forward
Writing Studio Duke University - How to Read and Review a Scientific Journal Article - Understanding Fair Use
WW2 US Medical Research Centre
WWI Link
WWII Aerial Photos and Maps - 19th Century Russian Maps
WWII PT Boats, Bases, Tenders
WWW Virtual Library - Old West Kansas - Kansas Historic Trails
WYGenWeb Project
WYLDCAT - Yellowstone Research Library
Wyoming - Native Americans in Wyoming
Wyoming - Wyoming’s eGovernment Site
Wyoming Department of Health - Vital Statistics Services
Wyoming Judicial Branch
Wyoming Memory
Wyoming Newspaper Project
Wyoming Office of State Lands & Investments
Wyoming Places
Wyoming Secretary of State - County Clerks
Wyoming State Archives
Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
Wyoming State Historical Society
Wyoming State Library
Wyoming Tales and Trails: Featuring Photographs and History Of Old Wyoming
Xcode Life
XE - Universal Currency Converter
Xenu's Link Sleuth
XML For Genealogists
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