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e-Catholic 2000 - “History of the Catholic Church” - Alberta Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates
Early American Church Denominations
Early American Trails and Roads
Early Canadiana Online
Early Canberra
Early Ontario Records - Bill Martin Website
Early-Modern Palaeography - Short Bibliography
Earth Point - Township and Range - Search By Description
East Ayrshire Leisure - Heritage
East European Genealogical Society
East Galway Family History Society
East Galway Family History Society
East Hants Historical Society
East India Company Ships
East Surrey Family History Society
East View Information Services - ArcheoBibilioBase
Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America
Eastern European Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Research Pages
Eastern Goldfields Historical Society
Eastern Slovakia Genealogy Research Strategies
Eastern Slovakia Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogical Research
Eastern Townships Research - Map
Eastern Townships Resource Centre
EastEuropeGenWeb Project
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter
Easy Thumbnails Software
Edgehill Theological College
Edgehill Theological College - Edgehill Library
EDINA - Statistical Accounts of Scotland 1791-1845
Edinburgh - Edinburgh City Archives
Edinburgh - Libraries
Edinburgh - Planning and building - Planning applications - Historical planning records
Edinburgh Airport - Arriving passengers
Edinburgh Dean of Guild Court
Edinburgh Gazette
Edinburgh Napier University - Library
Edinburgh University Press - Journals - The Impact of the 1783 and 1785...
Edit Smarter with Larry Jordan
Editor & Publisher Interactive Online Newspaper Database - Europe in 1570
Edraw - Edraw Max Pro
Edraw - Free Mind Mapping Software
EDs for the 1930 Census in One Step
EDSITEment - Mapping Colonial New England
Education Scotland - Scots and Australia - Convicts
Effective Language Learning
eGold - Immigration and Ethnicity: Overview
eGSSA Documents - Documents
eGSSA Library - Gravestones in South Africa
eHealth Saskatchewan - Genealogy
eHealth Saskatchewan - Genealogy Index Searches
eHealth Saskatchewan - Vital Statistics - Order a Certificate
eHealth Saskatchewan - Vital Statistics: Introduction
eHive - Toitū Otago Settlers Museum
Ekomuseum Ruze
Elder William Brewster Society
Eleanor Roosevelt House and Center at Val-Kill
eLearning Industry - TOP 10 FREE Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers
Elections New Zealand - History of the Vote - The Right to Vote - Antiquarian Scottish Books in Adobe Reader Format - Canadian History - Identifying the Highland Scots - Online Scottish Books - Scottish and Irish Clans & Families - Scottish Books and Articles about Scotland
electronic Irish Statute Book
Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History - Land of Hope
Electronic Publishing and the Potential Loss of First Serial Rights
Elgin County Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society - Census Indexes
Elks of Canada
Ellis Island - History
Ellis Island - The Peopling of America
Ellis Island Database Name Permutations
Ellis Island Database Tips
Ellis Island Genealogy
Elon University - Imagining the Internet - 1830s-1860s-Telegraph
ELTE Department of Cartography & Geoinformatics - 3rd Military Mapping Survey
ELTE Térképtudományi és Geoinformatikai Tanszék - Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia vármegyéi
EmbassyWorld - Maps of Sweden
eMelbourne - Health & Well Being - Sewerage
eMelbourne - Urban Environment - Light and Power
Emigration out of Schleswig-Holstein, 19th century
Emma Jolly Genealogic Blog - The Urban Genealogist on Holiday... - The Invention of the Light Bulb: Davy, Swan and Edison
Encyclopædia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica - Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark
Encyclopedia Britannica - Flying Shuttle
Encyclopedia Britannica - Sir Henry Bessemer
Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture
Encyclopedia of Australian Science
Encyclopedia of Chicago - Great Migration
Encyclopedia of Genealogy
Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains - Cattle Trails
Encyclopedia of Women & Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia
Encyclopedia of Women & Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia
Eneclann - The Quagmire of Administrative Districts
England & Wales 1901 Census Index
England’s North East - Coal & Industry - Introduction to Coal Mining and Railways in the North East
English & Welsh unitary authorities
English Civil War Society
English Heritage
English Heritage - Your Home’s History
English Heritage View Finder
English Index to Gàidhlig air an Lìon
English Individuals in New York City Almshouse
English Trade Directories of the 19th Century
English-Czech Dictionary
English-Danish / Danish-English Dictionary
English-Finnish / Finnish-English Dictionary
English-Latin / Latin-English Dictionary
English-Norwegian / Norwegian-English Dictionary
English-Swedish / Swedish-English Dictionary
Entrepreneur - 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing
Entrepreneur - Direct Mail
Entrepreneur - Good Work Plus These Three Steps Converts New Customers Into Recurring Customers
Entrepreneur - How to Pull Off a Guerilla Marketing Campaign
Eötvös University - The Historical Hungary of 1914
EPA Event Planners Association
ePaveldas: Roman Catholic Records Online
Ephemera Society
Ephemera Society of America
Ephemera Society of America - About Us
Ephemera Society of Australia Inc.
Episcopal Church USA, Episcopal Church Center
Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska
Episcopal Diocese of Olympia - Archives
Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota
Episcopal Diocese of Spokane - History and Archives
ePodunk Canada - The Power of Place
eReference Desk - US State History Timelines
Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken
Erfgoedcentrum Achterhoek Liemers
Erica's Adventures in Genealogy
Espresso Book Machine
Essex County Ontario GenWeb site
Essex Record Office
Essex Record Office - Essex Archives Online
Essex Society for Family History
Estonian Historical Archives - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Ethio Helix
Ethnic-German: PALATINES Mailing List
Euratlas: History and Geography of Europe
Eureka Australiana Books
Eurogenes Genetic Ancestry Project
Euromaidan Press - Huge genealogical database of Ukrainians born in 1650-1920...
European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
European Emigration
European Library - Search Newspapers
European Roots Genealogy
Evangelical Central Archives in Berlin
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Archives
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - ELCA Regional Archives
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Nebraska Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa
Evangelical Lutheran church registers for the province Oldenburg
Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland / Evangelical Church in Germany
Evangelische Landeskirche in Baden
Evangelischer Pfarramtsbereich London-West
Evangelisches Landeskirchliches Archiv in Berlin
Evangelisches Zentralarchiv in Berlin / Evangelical Central Archives in Berlin - Kirchenbuch-Suche
Everglades Historic House & Gardens
Everingham Family History Archives - 1871 Census of Ontario
Evernote - Help & Learning - Using Evernote-Quick Start Guide
Evernote App Center
Everton's Publishers
Evidence Explained
Evidence Explained - A Basic Vocabulary for Historical Research
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 1: Analysis & Citation
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 2: Sources vs. Information vs. Evidence vs. Proof
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 4: NARA Citations & Finding Aids
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 5: Analyzing Records
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 8: What Constitutes Proof?
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 10: Original Records, Image Copies, and Derivatives
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 11: Identity Problems & the FAN Principle
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 13: Classes of Evidence—Direct, Indirect & Negative
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 15: Plagiarism—Five "Copywrongs" of Historical Writing
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 16: Speculation, Hypothesis, Interpretation & Proof
Evidence Explained - QuickLesson 17: The Evidence Analysis Process Map
Evidence Explained - QuickTips
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - A Record Here ... A Record There ... Wow! A Match!
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - Citations: 1-2-3 Easy
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - Citations: 10 Commandments for Intimidated Souls
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - Citations: How Much Is Enough?
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - Finding the ‘Core Truth’ in a Tradition
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - Image Copies: Originals or Derivatives?
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - Information Is Not Knowledge
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - Proving a Tradition
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - Proving Identity
Evidence Explained - QuickTips - What Does a Citation Prove?
Evidence Explained - Sample QuickCheck Models
Evidence Explained - The Four Cornerstones of Genealogy
Evidence Explained - Your 7 Basic Rules for Identifying Sources. Just 7
Evidence Explained Historical Analysis, Citation & Source Usage
Evox Facilities - PostTowns by Area
Ex-Classics Web Site - Bigamists, Adulterers and Abductors of Maidens
Ex-Classics Web Site - The Newgate Calendar
Executed Today
Exodus: Movement of the People - Immigrants Who Returned Homes - Libraries
Extreme Genes
EyeWitness to
EyeWitness to - Surrender at Appomattox, 1865
Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtár / Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library
F.B. Purity
Facebook - Adoptees Looking For Birth Parents
Facebook - Adoption and DNA
Facebook - Adoption Search & Reunion
Facebook - Ancestry
Facebook - Association of Personal Historians
Facebook - Austria Genealogy Research
Facebook - Cemetery Explorers
Facebook - DNA Detectives
Facebook - DNAAdoption
Facebook - User Group
Facebook - Genealogical Speakers Guild
Facebook - Genealogy Translations
Facebook - Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques
Facebook - Genome Mate Pro
Facebook - German Genealogy
Facebook - German Genealogy Records Transcription
Facebook - German Genealogy Translations
Facebook - German Interest Group-Wisconsin
Facebook - German Script Experts
Facebook - Help Center
Facebook - Hungary Exchange-Hungarian Genealogy
Facebook - Italian Genealogy
Facebook - Kindle for Genealogy
Facebook - Legacy User Group
Facebook - New England Genealogy
Facebook - Newfoundland’s Grand Banks
Facebook - Oral History Association
Facebook - Polish Genius-Polish genealogy group
Facebook - Portuguese Genealogy-Azores-Portugal-Maderia
Facebook - Queensland School Photos
Facebook - Revelations Opening Up About Family for Adoptees and Adopters
Facebook - Search Squad
Facebook - Taree & Surrounds School Photos
Facebook - Technology for Genealogy
Facebook - The Organized Genealogist
Facebook - The Visual Phasing Working Group
Facebook - The Writer Magazine
Facebook - Tracing the Tribe-Jewish Genealogy on Facebook
Facebook - Writer’s Digest - District of Idaho and Western Montana, Church of the Brethren
Faclair na Gàidhlig - Dictionary of the Scottish Gaelic Language
Fact Monster - Timeline Archive
Fáilte Romhat
Fáilte Romhat - Griffiths Valuation 1848-1864
Fáilte Romhat - Irish Flax Growers, 1796
Fáilte Romhat - Kelly's Directory of the Leather Trades 1915
Fáilte Romhat - Land Owners in Ireland 1876
Fáilte Romhat - Land Owners in Ireland 1876 - Search by name
Fáilte Romhat - Pigot & Co’s Provincial Directory of Ireland 1824
Fáilte Romhat - Slater’s Commercial Directory of Ireland 1846
Fairbridge Homes
Fairbridge Kids
Fairest Force-Great War Nurses in France and Flanders
Fairfax Media
Fairfax Media - Local News - Fairfax Digital Regional Network
Fairfax Media News Store
Familia Austria
Familienforschung in der Neumark - Neumark Datenbank
Familienforschung in Schlesien - Register der schlesischen Ortsfamilienbücher
Familienforschung in Schlesien / Genealogy in Schlesia
Familienforschung in Westpreussen
Familienforschung in Westpreußen - Datenbank westpreußischer Personen und Familien
Familienforschung in Westpreußen - Datenbank Westpreußischer Personen und Familien
Familienkunde Lüderitzbucht / Genealogy Luderitz, Namibia - Lüderitzbuchter Zeitung
Families - Mobile App
Families of German Protestants onboard the 'Murdoch' to Nova Scotia, 1751
Families of Germans onboard the 'Speedwell' to Halifax, 1751
Family and Community Historical Research Society
Family Atlas
Family Chronicle Magazine
Family Court of Australia
Family Crossings
Family Curator
Family Curator - Blog
Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory-Wiki
Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory-Wiki - Genealogy Webmaster & Webmasters
Family Helper
Family Heritage Publishers
Family Historian
Family History [David Horton] - Old Online Maps of Queensland
Family History [David Horton] - Other genealogy information we have collected
Family History [David Horton] - Renamed Places in Queensland
Family History Archive
Family History at the Mitchell
Family History at the Mitchell - Explore Our Records - Council House Tenants
Family History at the Mitchell - Explore Our Records - Voters’ Rolls
Family History Daily - Which Genealogy DNA Test is the Best?
Family History Discovery Shoppe
Family History Expos
Family History Federation
Family History Federation - Surname Search
Family History Group of Bathurst - Bathurst in the 1830s
Family History Indexes
Family History Online
Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador
Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador - Research Services
Family History Website by Mike Durtnall - Historical Manuscripts ...
Family History Writing Challenge
Family iBoard
Family Locket - DNA Research Logs: How to Keep Track of Genetic Genealogy Searches
Family Locket - DNA Source Citation
Family Notices
Family Records Centre
Family Research Group - Irish Immigration, Emigration, Naturalization and Passenger Records
Family Reunion
Family Roots of Pictou & Antigonish Co. - Hector---1773
Family Roots Publishing Co.
Family Tree Art
Family Tree DNA
Family Tree Magazine
Family Tree Magazine - 10 Easy Tips for Using
Family Tree Magazine - 61 Free Genealogy Forms
Family Tree Magazine - Basic Charts and Worksheets
Family Tree Magazine - Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015
Family Tree Magazine - Biographical Outline form
Family Tree Magazine - Computer Aids for Genealogists
Family Tree Magazine - Fab Forty
Family Tree Magazine - Free Genealogy Record Worksheets
Family Tree Magazine - Latin American Genealogy Resources
Family Tree Magazine - Research Calendar
Family Tree Magazine - Research Journal
Family Tree Magazine - Sample Family History Research Plan
Family Tree Magazine - Social History Resources
Family Tree Magazine - Top 10 Public Libraries Worthy of a Genealogy Road Trip
Family Tree Magazine [UK]
Family Tree Magazine Newsletter
Family Tree Magazine Supersearch
Family Tree Maker - Technical Support
Family Tree Maker Learning Center
Family Tree Maker's Knowledge Base
Family Tree Oz
Family Tree Oz - South Australia British Farm Apprentices 1913-1914
Family Tree Researcher - Dictionary of Old Occupations: A-Z Index
Family Tree Resources - Family History Charts
Family Tree Searcher - South Australian Births 1836-1854 - South Australian Deaths 1836-1850+ - South Australian Marriages 1836-1855 - Newfoundland Vital Records: Births, Marriages, and Deaths
FamilyHistorySA - Colonial SA Pioneers - Passenger Arrivals, Births, Marriages & Deaths
FamilyHistorySA - Historical South Australian Births 1836-1854
FamilyHistorySA - Historical South Australian Deaths 1836-1855
FamilyHistorySA - Historical South Australian Marriages 1836-1855
FamilyHistorySA - South Australian Birth, Marriage & Death Directory
FamilyHistorySA - South Australian Cemetery Directory
FamilyHistorySA - South Australian Census 1841
FamilyHistorySA - South Australian Genealogy Directory
FamilyHistorySA - South Australian History Timeline
FamilyHistorySA - South Australian Local & Family History Directory
FamilyHistorySA - South Australian Local History Directory
FamilyHistorySA - South Australian Passenger Lists
FamilyRelatives - Useful Information & Help - What’s Free on
FamilyRoots Organizer Color-Coding System
FamilySearch - 1881 Census of Canada
FamilySearch - About the Family History Library
FamilySearch - About Us - We’re Here to Help
FamilySearch - Arkansas Confederate Pensions, 1901-1929
FamilySearch - Australia, New South Wales, Alphabetical Index to Newspaper Clippings, 1841-1987
FamilySearch - Australia, New South Wales, Sydney Index to Bounty Immigrants,_New_South_Wales_Index_to_Bounty_Immigrants
FamilySearch - Australian vital records index, 1788-1905
FamilySearch - Austria
FamilySearch - Blog - Archives for Researching in Latin America
FamilySearch - Blog - Family History Preservation: Preserving Electronic Information
FamilySearch - Blog - Searching for French Family History Records
FamilySearch - Books - Family History Books
FamilySearch - Books - Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate vertretenen Königreiche und Lander
FamilySearch - Books - Vernon’s Directories
FamilySearch - British Columbia Estate Files, 1859-1949
FamilySearch - Canada Census Mortality Schedules, 1871
FamilySearch - Church records for St. George’s German Lutheran Church, Whitechapel, 1763-1930 availability=Family%20History%20Library
FamilySearch - Community Trees
FamilySearch - Contact Us
FamilySearch - England and Wales Birth Registration Index
FamilySearch - England and Wales Death Registration Index
FamilySearch - England and Wales Marriage Registration Index
FamilySearch - England Jurisdictions 1851
FamilySearch - Evaluate the Evidence
FamilySearch - Family History Library
FamilySearch - Family History Library Class Schedule
FamilySearch - Family History Library Hours and Holiday Schedule
FamilySearch - Family Tree
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Affiliates and Product Certification
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Blog
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Blog - How to Get Started with Indexing Online
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Blog - How to Search the FamilySearch Site
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Blog - The World’s Largest Shared Family Tree
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Blog - Understanding the Genealogical Proof Standard
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Blog - Websites, Apps, and Tools
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Atlas for Germanic Genealogy
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - British Army transfers to the Indian Establishment, 1853-1861
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Cadet papers for Indian Army...
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Calendar of wills proved and enrolled in ... History Library
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Deutsches Namenlexikon...
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Hungarian newspapers
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Indian Army service statements index, 1892-1916
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Madras army muster, quarterly, annual...
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - New York church records: Vosburgh Collection
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Regimental registers of pensioners,...
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Register of deaths, 1840-1963
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Sandhurst cadets commissioned...
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - Sonntagsblatt: mit der Kinderbeilage: “Herz”
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Catalog - The India Office list, 1886-1940...
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Digital Library
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Digital Records Access Replacing Microfilm
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Forums
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Historical Records & Library Catalog Webinar
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Research Wiki
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Solutions Gallery
FamilySearch - FamilySearch Terms of Use
FamilySearch - File:India, Gujurat Diocese Church Records
FamilySearch - Find a Family History Center and FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries
FamilySearch - Frequently Asked Questions
FamilySearch - Germany Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898
FamilySearch - Germany Deaths and Burials, 1582-1958
FamilySearch - Germany Marriages, 1558-1929
FamilySearch - Germany, Prussia, Brandenburg and Posen, church book duplicates
FamilySearch - Germany, Prussia, Pomerania church records
FamilySearch - Germany, Prussia, Pomerania, Stralsund, Church Book Indexes, 1600-1900
FamilySearch - Heldsdörfer Gemeindeblatt, 1927-1937
FamilySearch - Help Center
FamilySearch - Help Center - Genealogical Proof Standard
FamilySearch - Help Center - German Script Tutorials
FamilySearch - Help Center - Lessons - Reading Russian Handwritten Records
FamilySearch - Help Center - Old German Script (German Church and Civil Records) Part 3
FamilySearch - Help Center - Old German Script Part 2
FamilySearch - Help Center - Old German Script Part I
FamilySearch - Help Center - Reading German Handwritten Records Lesson 1: Kurrent Letters
FamilySearch - Help Center - Reading German Handwritten Records Lesson 2: Making Words in Kurrent
FamilySearch - Help Center - Reading German Handwritten Records Lesson 3: Reading Kurrent Documents
FamilySearch - Help Center - Reading Polish Handwritten Records
FamilySearch - Help Center - Reading Russian Handwritten Records
FamilySearch - Historical Record Collections
FamilySearch - Historical Record Collections - Canadian Censuses®ion=CANADA&recordType=Census
FamilySearch - Historical Records Collections - Africa
FamilySearch - Hungary
FamilySearch - Indexing
FamilySearch - Indexing
FamilySearch - International Genealogical Index (IGI) - Search Collection
FamilySearch - Ireland Tithe Applotment Books, 1814-1855
FamilySearch - Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958
FamilySearch - Irish Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958
FamilySearch - Italia, Ancona, Ancona, Stato Civile (Tribunale) 1862-1929
FamilySearch - Italian Ancestors
FamilySearch - Key Words and Phrases in Latin Records
FamilySearch - Learning Center - Inferential Genealogy
FamilySearch - Learning Center - Practice Reading a German Church Record
FamilySearch - Learning Center - Practice Reading a German Civil Record
FamilySearch - Learning Center - Research in Iroquois County Illinois
FamilySearch - Learning Center - Researching Funeral Homes, Gravesites & Cemetery Records
FamilySearch - Learning Center - South Africa Research Series
FamilySearch - Learning Center - The Bachelor: Reconstructing a Solitary Life
FamilySearch - Learning Center - U.S. Courthouse Research
FamilySearch - Learning Center - Using Online Czech Records
FamilySearch - Manitoba Probate Records, 1871-1930
FamilySearch - Memories
FamilySearch - Netherlands Census and Population Registers, 1574-1940
FamilySearch - New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892-1924
FamilySearch - New York Passenger List, 1820-1891
FamilySearch - New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists, 1839-1973
FamilySearch - New Zealand, Immigration Passenger Lists
FamilySearch - New Zealand, Probate Records, 1860-1962
FamilySearch - Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949
FamilySearch - Newfoundland Vital Statistics, 1753-1893
FamilySearch - Nova Scotia Church Records, 1720-2001
FamilySearch - Nova Scotia Indexed Historical Records
FamilySearch - Nova Scotia Probate Records, 1760-1993
FamilySearch - Nova Scotia, Antigonish Catholic Diocese, 1823-1905
FamilySearch - Ohio wills and estates to 1850: an index
FamilySearch - Online Film Ordering
FamilySearch - Personal Ancestral File - Moving Forward without PAF
FamilySearch - Phonetic Substitutes Table
FamilySearch - Poland, Evangelical Church Books, 1700-2005
FamilySearch - Product Support - Browse By Topic
FamilySearch - Quebec, Notarial Records, 1800-1920
FamilySearch - Reading Russian Handwritten Records Lesson 3: Reading Russian Records
FamilySearch - Records - Hungary Baptisms, 1734-1895
FamilySearch - Records - Hungary Catholic Church Records, 1636-1895
FamilySearch - Records - Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1980
FamilySearch - Records - Hungary Funeral Notices, 1840-1990
FamilySearch - Records - Hungary Reformed Church Christenings, 1624-1895
FamilySearch - Records - Hungary, Jewish Vital Records Index, 1800-1945
FamilySearch - Records - Maine Vital Records, 1670-1921
FamilySearch - Records - Moldova Church Books, 1811-1936
FamilySearch - Records - Slovakia Census, 1869
FamilySearch - Records - Slovakia Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-1935
FamilySearch - Records - Ukraine, Odessa Census Records 1897
FamilySearch - Records - Ukraine, Zaporizhia Poll Tax Census
FamilySearch - Records - United States Bureau of Land Management Tract Books, 1820-1908
FamilySearch - Register of births, from the various parishes in Guernsey, 1840-1966
FamilySearch - Research Forms
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Austria, Vienna, Jewish Registers of ...
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - British Sources for Previous Research
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - California Voting Registers
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Creating Oral Histories
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Croatia How to Use Croatian Digital Archives
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Eastern Europe Workshop
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - England Chancery Court Records
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - England Jurisdictions 1851
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Family History Library Donations
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Family History Library/Group Visit Options
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Genealogy Research Forms
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Geneteka database
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - German Gazetteers
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - German Genealogical Societies
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - German Genealogical Word List
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - German Genealogy
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - German Handwriting
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - German Jewish Records
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - German Language and Languages
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - German Letter Writing Guide
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - German Names, Personal,_Personal
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Archives and Libraries
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Census
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Church Records
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Compiled Genealogies
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Emigration and Immigration
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Finding Town of Origin
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Gathering Information to Locate Place of Origin
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Gazetteers
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Handwriting
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Languages
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Germany Military Records
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Greensboro North Carolina Family History Center
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hamburg Passenger Lists
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Handwriting Guide: German Gothic
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Help:Editing the Wiki
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Help:Research Wiki training presentations
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Help:Search Tips
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Help:Wiki Terminology
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hiring a Professional Researcher
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungarian Civil Registration
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungarian Genealogical Word List
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Census
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Civil Registration (FamilySearch Historical Records)
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Civil Registration...
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Funeral Notices (FamilySearch Historical Records)
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Funeral Notices-FamilySearch Historical Records
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Gazetteers
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Genealogy
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Names Personal
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary Record Finder
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Hungary, Catholic Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Iceland
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Illinois, United States Genealogy,_United_States_Genealogy
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - International Genealogical Index
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Introduction to Family History Centers
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Introduction to the FamilySearch Catalog
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Iowa, United States Genealogy
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Ireland Census
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Italy Church Records
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Italy Genealogy
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Netherlands Languages
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Oregon Land and Property
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Parish and Vital Records List
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Preparing a Family History
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Soundex
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - The Netherlands Genealogy
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - United States Military Records
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Wales Genealogy
FamilySearch - Research Wiki - Welsh Nonconformist Records
FamilySearch - Search - Catalog - Detailed list of the old parochial registers of Scotland History Library
FamilySearch - Search - Historical Records Collection
FamilySearch - Search - Records
FamilySearch - Search - Records - Texas, Civil War Service Records of Confederate Soldiers
FamilySearch - Search - Zimbabwe Indexed Historical Records
FamilySearch - Search Genealogies
FamilySearch - St. George’s German Lutheran Church Alie Street, Aldgate, London, 1763-1896 Family%20History%20Library
FamilySearch - Standard Finder
FamilySearch - Surname Distribution Maps
FamilySearch - Texas, probate records, 1800-1990
FamilySearch - The Family History Guide - Project 4: Goals
FamilySearch - United States Deceased Physician File (AMA), 1864-1968
FamilySearch - United States General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934
FamilySearch - United States Index to Service Records, War with Spain, 1898
FamilySearch - United States Land and Property
FamilySearch - United States Mexican War Pension Index, 1887-1926
FamilySearch - United States Research Outline
FamilySearch - United States Social Security Death Index
FamilySearch - Vital records index-British Isles
FamilySearch - Wiki - Wiki Project Adding Society Information to US County Pages
FamilySearch - Wiki - “Jewish Research” Search Results
FamilySearch - Wiki - Abbreviations List for Personal Names (English)
FamilySearch - Wiki - African American Freedmen’s Bureau Records
FamilySearch - Wiki - Afrikaans Word list
FamilySearch - Wiki - Alaska
FamilySearch - Wiki - American Civil War records on
FamilySearch - Wiki - Ancestral File
FamilySearch - Wiki - Arkansas Confederate Pensions
FamilySearch - Wiki - Arkansas, United States Genealogy
FamilySearch - Wiki - Australia, New South Wales, Alphabetical Index to Newspaper Cuttings
FamilySearch - Wiki - Austria Births and Baptisms
FamilySearch - Wiki - Austria Gazetteers
FamilySearch - Wiki - Austria Genealogy
FamilySearch - Wiki - Austria History
FamilySearch - Wiki - Austria Jewish Research
FamilySearch - Wiki - Baden, Germany, Church Record Family Register Guide,_Germany,_Church_Record_Family_Register_1500-1874_Guide
FamilySearch - Wiki - Brandenburg Genealogy Records Online
FamilySearch - Wiki - Canada Genealogy
FamilySearch - Wiki - Category:Contents
FamilySearch - Wiki - Category:Jewish Research by Country, Region, and City,_Region,_and_City
FamilySearch - Wiki - Category:Letter Writing Guides
FamilySearch - Wiki - Category:Word Lists
FamilySearch - Wiki - Chicago, Illinois,_Illinois
FamilySearch - Wiki - Church of Ireland Records
FamilySearch - Wiki - Cite Your Sources (Source Footnotes)
FamilySearch - Wiki - Clarke County, Virginia,_Virginia
FamilySearch - Wiki - Community Center
FamilySearch - Wiki - Cook County, Illinois Genealogy,_Illinois_Genealogy
FamilySearch - Wiki - Croatia Church Records
FamilySearch - Wiki - Czech Republic Census
FamilySearch - Wiki - Czech Republic Genealogical Word List
FamilySearch - Wiki - Czech Republic Genealogy
FamilySearch - Wiki - Czech Republic Jewish Registers
FamilySearch - Wiki - Czech Republic Names Personal
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FrancoGène - Searching in France Ancestors from Quebec
FrancoGène Québec- Endroits au Québec / Places in Quebec
FrancoGene: Genealogy of Quebec's Native People and francophone Metis
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Fraternalism in America (1860-1920)
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