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G.B. Benedetti - N. Tommaseo
Gabriel Dumont Institute - Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture
Gabriel Dumont Institute of Métis Studies & Applied Research - Library Catalogue
Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research
Gaelic Dictionaries Online
Gale - 19th Century British Newspapers
Gale - Reference & Research - Newspaper Archive
Gale Cengage Learning - 19th Century British Library Newspapers
Gale Digital Collections - 19th Century U.S. Newspapers
Galizien German Descendants
Gallipoli and the Anzacs
Galloway Station Museum & Travel Centre - Edson and Area Archives
Galt Museum & Archives
Galveston History - Galveston Immigration Database
Galway Emigrant Index 1828-1864
Galway Family History Society West
Galway Family History Society West
Gaspesian Heritage WebMagazine - From Acadia to Québec: Acadians in Québec and in the Gaspé
Gaspesian Heritage WebMagazine - The Loyalists of Gaspesia: 1784-1984
Gateway Press
Gateway to Northwestern Ontario History
Gavin K. Watt
Gaylord Archival
Gazetteer for Scotland
Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516
Gazetteer of Slovakia
GBTimes - Green Light for Cremations in Greece
GEDCOM files into Web Pages
GedH Tree
GEDmatch - Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Geelong & District - Bellarine Historical Society
Geelong and District
Geelong and District - Genie and History Links: Australia
Geelong and District - This and That - Sewerage and Building records
Geelong Grammar School - Archives
Geelong Grammar School - Timeline
Geelong: Heritage
Geheugen van Nederland / Memory of the Netherlands
Gelders Archief
Gemeente-Atlas van Nederland
Gemeentearchief Amsterdam Stadsarchief
Gena’s Genealogy
Gena’s Genealogy - 100 Social History Websites
GenBox Family History - Genealogy Software Features Comparison Chart
GenDir - Message Boards & Chat
GenDocs - Merchant Navy
GenDocs - Ranks Professions, Occupations and Trades
GenDocs - The Enumeration of People Not in Normal Households on Census Night
GenDocs - Victorian London Cemeteries
Gene By Gene
Genea - matrika, Dolní Bousov 01 matrika oddaných (1753-1782)
GeneaBloggers - A Genealogy Blog Primer
GeneaBloggers - Genealogy Blog Roll
Geneabloggers - Twitter Cheat Sheet
GeneaBloggers - Upcoming Events
GeneaBloggers - Why You Need a Blogging Disclosure Statement
GeneaBloggers Tribe
GeneaBloggers Tribe - Our Members
GeneaBloggersTribe - Blog Resources
GeneabloggersTribe - Search Blogs - Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium
Genealib - Librarians Serving Genealogists
Genealib Archives
GeneaLinks - Family Bible Records
Genealoger - German Genealogy
Genealoger - German Genealogy Databases and Internet Sites
Genealogical and Historical Research Data - Pandora’s Box
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia - Catalogue of Published Genealogies of Nova Scotia Families
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia - Published Genealogies, 1981-2016
Genealogical Computing - Using Timelines to Re-evaluate Data
Genealogical Council of Oregon
Genealogical Data - Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
Genealogical Forum of Oregon
Genealogical Institute of the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada
Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes
Genealogical Institute on Federal Records
Genealogical Research in Slovakia - Area Map of Slovakia
Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh
Genealogical Resources on the Internet - Genealogy Mailing Lists
Genealogical Resources on the Internet - Mailing Lists
Genealogical Society of Finland
Genealogical Society of Ireland
Genealogical Society of Northern Territory
Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
Genealogical Society of Queensland
Genealogical Society of South Africa - eGSSA Branch
Genealogical Society of South Africa - eGSSA Branch - Baptism Registers
Genealogical Society of South Africa - eGSSA Branch - Burial, Cremation and Death Registers
Genealogical Society of South Africa - eGSSA Branch - Church Registers in SA-A brief outline
Genealogical Society of South Africa - eGSSA branch - eGSSA Passenger List Project
Genealogical Society of South Africa - eGSSA Branch - Marriage Registers
Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory
Genealogical Society of Vermont
Genealogical Society of Victoria
Genealogical Society of Victoria - Search GIN Genealogical Index of Names
Genealogical Software Report Card
Genealogical Software Rewiews, Ratings & Comparisons
Genealogical Speakers Guild - Newsletters - Proof, Proof Statements, Proof Summaries & Proof Arguments
Généalogie du Québec et française d'Amérique
Genealogie in Berlin
Généalogie Québec
Généalogie Québec
Généalogie Quebec - Secondary research tools - Drouin Institute’s Great Collections
Généalogie Québec / Québec Records - Outils de recherche / Search tools
Genealogie und Haus-Chroniken im Gebiet nordwestlich von München
Genealogie Vereine
Genealogy & Family History - Maps of London
Genealogy à la carte
Genealogy à la carte - Facebook for Canadian Genealogy
Genealogy Articles, Tips and Research Guides - A Guide to St. Louis, Missouri Naturalization Records
Genealogy Articles, Tips and Research Guides - Finding New York Passenger...
Genealogy Articles, Tips and Research Guides - Naturalization Records and Research Guides
Genealogy Blog
Genealogy Blog Finder
Genealogy Charts in Adobe PDF format - Misbach Enterprises Website
Genealogy Free Stuff! - Free Genealogy Graphics
Genealogy from Gerringong - Westernport Settlement of 1826-28
Genealogy Gems - Google Earth for Genealogy
Genealogy Gems Podcast
Genealogy Gems Podcast Community Toolbar
Genealogy Graphics by Trial & Error
Genealogy Guys Podcast
Genealogy Happy Hour
Genealogy in Hertfordshire - Hertfordshire Militia Ballot Lists
Genealogy Indexer
Genealogy Journey: FPLD’s Genealogy & Research Blog
Genealogy Library: Reference Table - Common Foreign Language Terms
Genealogy notes and news - Family history research in Namibia
Genealogy of County Longford Ireland
Genealogy of Dr. William Ernest Todd
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - About Galicia
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - About Galicia - Maps
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Baptismal/Birth Record, Part 1
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Dates, Months, and Years in Church Slavic
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Death Record, Part 1
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Extracting Data
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Finding Your Ancestral Village
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Gazetteers
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia by Brian J. Lenius
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Hiring a Professional Researcher by Matthew Bielawa
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Marriage Record
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records - Extracts
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records Tour Continued...
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records Tour-Compare ...
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records Tour-Examples of Birth/Baptismal Records
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records Tour-Examples of Death Records
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records Tour-Examples of Death Records: The Epidemics
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records Tour-Examples of Marriage Records
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records Tour-Examples of Marriage Records 2
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records-Headers
Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia - Vital Records-Microfilms From the Family History Library
Genealogy Pathfinder for African-American Research
Genealogy Projects in Ireland - A-Z of Ireland Research
Genealogy Quest - Glossary of Terms - Latin Terms
Genealogy Quest - Medical Terminology - Diseases
Genealogy Quest - Special Collections
Genealogy Research Associates - Online
Genealogy Research Denmark
Genealogy Research Denmark - Listing of Probates Extracted
Genealogy Research Guides, Tips and Online Records
Genealogy Research Guides, Tips and Online Records - SS-5 Form
Genealogy Research Toolbox
Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - DNA Studies/Testing Mailing Lists
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Scottish Clans Mailing Lists
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Mailing Lists
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Namibia Mailing Lists
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - New Zealand Mailing Lists
Genealogy Roots Blog - Gregory Peck in the SSDI & his SS-5 Form
Genealogy SA
Genealogy SA - Genealogy SA Collection
Genealogy SA - Online Database Search
Genealogy SA - Online Database Search
Genealogy SA - Research Services
Genealogy Search Australia
Genealogy Search Engines and Directories
Genealogy Slovakia
Genealogy Slovakia - Surnames-Places-Search
Genealogy Today
Genealogy Today - Demystifying the National Archives
Genealogy Today - Douglas City Directory
Genealogy Today - First Name Translator
Genealogy Today - Funeral Cards Online
Genealogy Today - StateGenSites
Genealogy Toolbox
Genealogy Trails History Group
Genealogy Unlimited
Genealogy Waterford Ireland - Family Tree - Free Genealogy Stuff & Worthwhile Freebies - Articles - All About Adoption Research - Articles - Family Associations 101 - Articles - How to Cite Sources - Articles - Organize the Inconclusive with Discrepancy Charts - Articles - Overheard on the Message Boards - Articles - Restoring Damaged Photographs - Articles - Tips for Photographing Gravestones - Articles - Using State Resources for Genealogy - Citing Sources You Find Online - Explore GenForum - FamilyTreeMaker User Trees - Search - Finding Ancestors in Passenger Lists - Finding Your Way Through The National Archives - Form Letters - Forum - Explore U.S. States Forums - Forum - General - Obituaries - Forum - Locations - Countries - Canada - Saskatchewan - Forum - Locations - Countries - Iceland - Forum - Locations - Countries - Namibia - Forum - Locations - Countries - New Zealand - Forum - Surnames - Amsden - GenForum - GenForum - Locations - Explore Countries Forums - Search - The Importance of Names and Naming Patterns - Using Cemeteries and Funeral Homes for Genealogy - Databases - Local family database Hercegfalva and Elöszallás - GenWiki - GenWiki - Biggis List - GenWiki - Genealogische Symbole und Zeichen - GenWiki - Hauptseite - GenWiki - Portal:DigiBib - GenWiki - Portal:Regionale Forschung - GenWiki - Portal:Societies - Online Ortsfamilienbücher - Verein für Computergenealogie - The Historic Gazetteer - Charles Dowsett, California Land Sales Agent, 1891
Genealogy’s Star
Genealogy’s Star - Can I Claim a Copyright on a Digital Copy?
GenealogyBank - Genealogy Tip: Spelling Variations for Your Ancestor’s Name
GenealogyBank - Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
GenealogyBank - Terms of Use
GenealogyBank - This Is the Home That Sears Built: Historic Sears Kit Homes
GenealogyBank Blog - A Guide to Using Social Media for Genealogy
GenealogyBlog - Getting Stumped on Zane’s Trace
GenealogyBlog - Places for Finding a Woman’s Maiden Name: A Checklist of 90 Sources
GenealogyExplained - Best Genealogy Software
GenealogyExplained - Genealogical Proof Standard - Chickasaw Rolls
GenealogyInTime Magazine
GenealogyInTime Magazine - A Country Guide to Google...
GenealogyInTime Magazine - List of Occupation Abbreviations
GenealogyInTime Magazine - South America Genealogy Records - Austria Genealogy - Europe Genealogy - Hungary Genealogy - Ireland Genealogy
GenealogyRO Group - Short Comment on the “Second Copy” Problem in Banat
GenealogyRO Group - The “Gap”; Notes on Records & Archives for Banat
GenealogySA - Free Genealogy Forms and Charts
GenealogySpot - State Genealogy Resources
GenealogyWise - About GenealogyWise and Frequently Asked Questions
GenealogyWise - American Revolutionary War Ancestors
GenealogyWise - French-Canadian Descendants
GenealogyWise - Groups
GenealogyWise - Illinois Genealogy
GenealogyWise - Most Wanted! Ancestors Lost and Found
GenealogyWise - National Institute for Genealogical Studies Group
GenealogyWise - United Empire Loyalists
GenealogyWise - Videos
General Code - Successful Grant Writing
General Commission on Archives & History
General Commission on Archives & History - Former Annual Conferences
General Commission on Archives & History - Genealogy and Family Research
General Land Office Records - FAQ
General Register Office
General Register Office - Certificate Ordering Service
General Register Office - Fees
General Register Office - Frequently Asked Questions
General Register Office - Online ordering service-Register or Login
General Register Office [Ireland] - Research Facility
General Society of Mayflower Descendants
General Society of Mayflower Descendants - Join The Mayflower Society
General Society of Mayflower Descendants - The Mayflower Society Library
General Society of the War of 1812
Genes Reunited
Geneteka - Sprawdź występowanie nazwiska / Check occurrence of name
Genetic Affairs
Genetic Counselors - Find a Genetic Counselor
Genetic Genealogy Standards
Genetic Genealogy Tools
Genetic Genealogy Tools - Phasing Utility
Genetics Home Reference
GenFair - Mitcham-Settlement Certificates/Bastardy Examinations/ Apprenticeship ... - Northeastern U.S. Tribes
Geni - 1820 British Settlers in South Africa
Geni - Geni Blog
Geni - Gustav Anjou, Fraudulent Genealogist
Genial Pedigree Draw - Swedish Genealogy Online
Genome Mate Pro
GenScriber - Births, Deaths and Marriages Index 1835-1840
GenSeeker - Using RootsWeb's GenSeeker Search Engine
GENUKI - Administrative Areas of Scotland
GENUKI - Boatpeople of the Wolverhampton Canal System
GENUKI - British Coastguards and Their Families-An Index
GENUKI - Cemeteries
GENUKI - Country and County Codes - British Isles
GENUKI - Devon Wills Project
GENUKI - England
GENUKI - England - Devon - Exeter - Assizes & Quarter Sessions in Exeter
GENUKI - England - England: Archives and Libraries
GENUKI - England - England: History
GENUKI - England - Northowram Register Index: The Northowram Registers
GENUKI - England: Probate Records
GENUKI - Family History and Genealogy Societies
GENUKI - Family History and Genealogy Societies - Family History and Genealogy Societies: England
GENUKI - Finding L.D.S. Batch Numbers
GENUKI - GENUKI Church Database
GENUKI - Ireland
GENUKI - Ireland - Census
GENUKI - Look for Places in the 1891 Census
GENUKI - Names (Irish/Gaelic)
GENUKI - Old Style and New Style Dates and the change to the Gregorian Calendar
GENUKI - On-line Parish Clerks
GENUKI - Registration Districts in England & Wales
GENUKI - Scotland
GENUKI - Stan Cook’s Gunmakers & Allied Trades Index
GENUKI - Surname Lists
GENUKI - Trinity House Personnel at Lighthouses ...
GENUKI - UK & Ireland - England - England:Civil Registration
GENUKI - UK and Ireland: Gazetteers
GENUKI - United Kingdom and Ireland Emigration and Immigration
GENUKI - United Kingdom and Ireland Military Records
GENUKI - United Kingdom and Ireland Occupations
GENUKI - Wiltshire - Survey of the Manor of Brinkworth, 1587
GENUKI Parish/Church Locator
GENUKI: UK & Ireland - United Kingdom and Ireland Names, Personal
GENUKI: UK & Ireland Genealogly - Pre 1841 Norfolk Censuses and other Name Lists
GENUKI: UK & Ireland Genealogy
GENUKI: UK & Ireland Genealogy - A Scots Glossary
GENUKI: UK & Ireland Genealogy - Dates of Easter Sunday and Perpetual Calendar, 1550-2049
GENUKI: UK & Ireland Genealogy - Scotland
GENUKI: UK and Ireland Genealogy - Regions
GenWeb Bas du fleuve
GenWeb de l'Estrie
GenWeb Huntingdon [Québec]
GenWeb Lanaudière
GenWeb Laurentides
GenWeb Mauricie Bois-Franc
GenWeb Richelieu
GenWeb Vaudreuil-Soulanges
GenWebQuébec - Tableau des GenWeb du Québec
GenWed - Marriage Records Online
GenWiki - Portal: Clubs
GenWiki - Vorlagen zur Erfassung genealogischer Daten
Genwriter - “A Touch of Social History: What Social History can do for your Family History”
Genwriter - Bibliography of Family History Writing Guides
Geogen 4.0
Geographical Names Board (NSW) - Name Search
Geographical Names of Prince Edward Island
Geographicus Rare Antique Maps
Geography of Slavery in Virginia
Geography Publications
GeoNB Crown Grant Reference Map Viewer
George C. Marshall Foundation
George Fox University - Libraries - Collections
George Town and District Historical Society
George Washington Masonic National Memorial
George Weber's Lonely Islands - The Tasmanians-Part 3: Destruction of Aboriginal Tasmania
George’s: Canal Boating in the U.K. and Europe - North American Canals
Georgetown Law Library - Case Law Research Tutorial
Georgia Archives
Georgia Archives - Colonial Will Books
Georgia Archives - Georgia’s Virtual Vault
Georgia Archives - Search Our Collections
Georgia Department of National Resources - Historic Resources - Centennial Farms
Georgia Genealogical Society - Webinar Schedule
Georgia National Guard Records (Georgia Militia)
Georgina - Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives
German Genealogical Digest
German Genealogical Society - Regional Information
German Genealogy Group
German Genealogy Group - Surname List Database
German Historical Institute
German History in Documents and Images
German History Society
German Interest Group-Wisconsin
German National Tourist Board - Heritage - Genealogy - German Archives
German Roots
German Roots - Basic Research Outline for German Genealogy
German Roots - Emigration and Immigration Records and Resources
German Roots - German Genealogy Resources on the Internet
German Roots - Naturalization Records
German Roots - Online German Genealogy Records and Databases
German Roots - Online International Ship Passenger Lists
German Roots - Places to Find U.S. Naturalization Records and Indexes Online
German Roots - Places to Find U.S. Naturalization Records and Indexes Online
German Roots - Ship Passenger Lists and Records Online - United States Passenger Lists & Records
German Roots - Wuerttemberg Emigration Index
German South African Resource Page
German South African Resource Page - German Genealogical Research in South Africa
German Surname Map
German War Memorial Website
German-Acadian Coast Historical and Genealogical Society
German-Australian Genealogy & History Alliance
German-Bohemian Heritage Society
Germanic Genealogy Society
Germanic Genealogy Society - International German Genealogy Partnership
Germans From Russia Heritage Collection
Germans from Russia Heritage Society
Germans from Russia Settlement Locations
Germans in Canada
Germans to America
Germany GenWeb Project
Germany GenWeb Project
Gesher Galicia
Gesher Galicia - 1921 Tarnopol District Census Information Extract
Gesher Galicia - Legend for the Austrian Empire’s First Military Survey 1764-1784
Getting the Most from Case Studies in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly
GettyImages - Hulton Archive
Girl Guides Australia
Girl Guides of Canada
Girl Guiding Scotland
Girl Guiding UK
Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts of Palo Alto, California
Gizmo’s Freeware - Best Free Online Backup Sites
Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society
Glasgow Caledonian University - Library
Glasgow Digital Library - Who’s Who in Glasgow in 1909
Glasgow University - James Finlay & Co-Managers and Assistants Letterbooks Index, Volumes 1 to 15
Glasgow Women’s Library
GlasgowLife - Mitchell Library
Glasnevin Cemetery
Glebe Society
Glenbow - Research - Archives and Library
Glenside Hospital Museum
Glittens One-name Study
Global Gathering Place - An Overview of Italian Canadian History
Global Gazette - British Military Records
Global Gazette - Did Your Canadian Immigrant Arrive Via NY?
Global Gazette - English & Welsh Roots
Global Gazette - The Royal Navy
Global Genealogy
Global Genealogy - 1921 Census Extraction Form
Global Name Registry
Globe and Mail Historical Newspaper Archive
Globemaster Locator
Godfrey Edition
Godfrey Memorial Library
Godfrey Memorial Library - All Godfrey Scholar Subscription Levels
Godfrey Memorial Library - Our Services - History / Genealogy - Irish Genealogy Databases
Gold Bug - Animap
Gold Mining and Historical Museum
Golden History Books
Goldrush Online - The Goldminer’s Database
Gonzaga University - Jesuit Oregon Province Archives
Gonzaga University - Manuscripts and Photographs
GoodReads - Groups - Life Review Therapy Decreases Depression and Anxiety in Older Adults
Google - About Google - News from Google
Google - Advanced Patent Search
Google - Advanced Search
Google - Alerts Help - Getting Started Guide
Google - Blogger Help Center
Google - Call Phones from Gmail
Google - Google Docs editors Help Center
Google - Google Product Forums!home
Google - Google Search Help - Add, organize, or share books
Google - Google Search Help - Create an Alert
Google - Google Search Help - Refine web searches
Google - Keyboard Navigation and Other Google Instant Enhancements
Google - Our Products
Google - Our Products
Google - Programmable Search Engine
Google - Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
Google - Search Help
Google - Search Help - See Instant results as you type
Google - Search Patents
Google - Sites Help
Google - The Keyword
Google - The Keyword - Drive Official Blog
Google - The Keyword - Earth Official Blog
Google - The Keyword - Gmail Official Blog
Google - The Keyword - Google Chrome Official Blog
Google - The Keyword - Maps Official Blog
Google - The Keyword - Search Official Blog
Google - The Keyword - Translate Official Blog
Google - Web Search Help - Google Search Basics: Basic search help
Google - Web Search Help - Google Search Basics: More search help
Google [Australia]
Google [Canada]
Google [Denmark]
Google [Netherlands]
Google [New Zealand]
Google Account Help - Help Center - Create a strong password & a more secure account
Google Accounts
Google AdWords
Google AdWords - Google AdWords Keyword Planner
Google Alerts
Google Apps: News, Tips and Tricks from the Google Apps Team
Google Blog - Found in Translation: More accurate, fluent sentences...
Google Blog Search
Google Blogs
Google Bookmarks
Google Books
Google Books - A Collection of Yearly Bills of Mortality From 1657 to 1758 Inclusive
Google Books - A Midwife’s Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812
Google Books - An Essay, Medical, Philosophical, and Chemical,...
Google Books - Cassell’s Household Guide
Google Books - Cottages or Hints of Economical Building
Google Books - East India Register and Army List
Google Books - Every Woman Her Own House-keeper or The Ladies’ Library
Google Books - Explorations across the continent of Australia: 1861-62
Google Books - Handbook to coffee planting in Southern India
Google Books - Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene
Google Books - Journal of Travels Over the Rocky Mountains
Google Books - Mass Migration to Modern Latin America
Google Books - Medicine and Western Civilization
Google Books - Modern Domestic Medicine
Google Books - Remarks on the Present System of Road Making; with Observations...
Google Books - Report of the Council of Hygiene and Public Health...
Google Books - The Autobiography of Mrs. Alice Thornton, of East Newton, Co. York
Google Books - The Englishwoman in India
Google Books - The Steam Engine Explained and Illustrated
Google Books - A Directory for the Publique Worship of God
Google Books - About Google Books
Google Books - Ancestry - "Hiring a Professional Genealogist"
Google Books - Ancestry - "New England’s Migration Fever..."
Google Books - Ancestry - "Using Maps in Family History Research"
Google Books - Ancestry Magazine - “Homestead Records Detail Pioneer Life”
Google Books - Ancestry magazine - Mar-Apr 2001
Google Books - Canons and Constitutions Ecclesiastical
Google Books - Small Business Tax Workshop
Google Books - The Pupil's Guide to Practical Arithmetic,....
Google Books [Australia]
Google Books [United Kingdom]
Google Calendar
Google Calendar - Genealogists in SL
Google Chrome
Google Custom Search Engine
Google Docs
Google Docs Editor Help - Get help with Google Docs Editors
Google Drive
Google Drive - Google Docs - Template Gallery - “Storyboard”
Google Drive Help - Buy more Google storage
Google Drive Help - Get Started with Google Drive
Google Earth
Google Earth - Education - Explore Earth
Google Earth Outreach - Become a Google mapping expert
Google Earth Outreach - Google Earth Tutorials
Google Earth Outreach - Learn - Become a Google mapping expert
Google Gmail
Google Groups
Google Groups - 20 Year Usenet Timeline
Google Groups - Azores Genealogy!forum/azores
Google Groups - Genealogy-Cumberland!forum/genealogy-cumberland
Google Groups - Help
Google Groups - Portuguese Genealogy!forum/portuguese-genealogy
Google Groups - soc.genealogy.jewish!forum/soc.genealogy.jewish
Google Groups - soc.genealogy.methods
Google Groups Help
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Google Help - Blogger Help
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Google Help - Hangouts Help - Start a classic Hangout
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Google Maps - About
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Google News - The Age
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Google News - All Newspapers - Sherbrooke Daily Record
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Google News Archive Search - Québec Chronicle-Telegraph
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Google Picasa - Picasa and Picasa Web Albums Help Center
Google Play - All Language Translator
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Google Plus for Genealogists Blog
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Google Sites
Google Sites - How To
Google Slides
Google Toolbar
Google Translate
Google Translate - About
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Google Translate [UK]
Google Videos
Google Your Family Tree
Google Your Family Tree - Google Power Search
Google+ - Evernote in Genealogy
Google+ - Family History Writers
Google+ - Genealogy
Google+ - Genealogy+
Google+ - Genetic Genealogy
Google+ - Hangouts
Google+ - Tech for Genealogy & Family History Researchers
Gorham Printing
Gould Genealogy & History
Gould Genealogy & History - Australian Family Histories
Gould Genealogy & History - Queensland - Government Gazettes & Public Service Lists
Gould Genealogy & History News - Finding Your Farming Ancestors in Australia - Apply for birth, death, marriage, adoption,... - General Register Office [Ireland] - Search Room at the General Register Office (GRO) - Births, Deaths and Marriages - Births, Deaths and Marriages - Records Held - Home and Neighbourhood - Deeds and Probate Registry - Manx National Heritage - Judicial Greffe - Probate and Protection Division - Office of the Superintendent Registrar
GOV.JE - Office of the Superintendent Registrar - Family history research - Looked after children - Adoption
GOV.UK - Births, Deaths, Marriages and Care
GOV.UK - Births, deaths, marriages and care - Adoption Records
GOV.UK - Births, deaths, marriages and care - Marriage, civil partnership and divorce
GOV.UK - Central Family Court
GOV.UK - Defence and armed forces-guidance - Military awards and commemorations
GOV.UK - Events recorded in England and Wales and Overseas
GOV.UK - Find a Will
GOV.UK - Foreign & Commonwealth Office (British High Commission)
GOV.UK - Get a copy of military service records
GOV.UK - Intellectual Property - Copyright: detailed information
Gov.UK - Intellectual Property Office
GOV.UK - Ministry of Defence - UK Veterans
GOV.UK - Public holders of General Register Office indexes
GOV.UK - Publications - Not-for-profit advice services in England
GOV.UK - Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide
GOV.UK - Research your family history using the General Register Office
GOV.UK - Statistics
GOV.UK - Unclaimed estates list
GOV.UK - Using the General Register Office to Research Family History
GOV.UK - Wills, probate and inheritance
GOV.UK - Work - Trade unions: the current list and schedule
GOV.UK - Working, jobs and pensions - Armed forces
Government of Yukon - Access to Information & Protection of Privacy Act
Government of Canada - Canadian Armed Forces - Canadian Army Overseas Honours & Awards
Government of Canada - Canadian Armed Forces - Canadian Military Headquarters reports
Government of Canada - Canadian Armed Forces - Canadian military history
Government of Canada - Canadian Armed Forces - Canadian military history - Publications
Government of Canada - Canadian Armed Forces - War and operations - Korean War
Government of Canada - Canadian Armed Forces - War and operations - Second World War
Government of Canada - Canadian Heritage - The creation of Canada
Government of Canada - Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Government of Canada - Citizenship and Immigration Canada Offices
Government of Canada - Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
Government of Canada - Fisheries & Oceans - Tides, currents, and water levels
Government of Canada - Immigration & Citizenship
Government of Canada - Immigration and Citizenship - Canadian passports
Government of Canada - Immigration and citizenship - History of Passports
Government of Canada - Justice Laws - Copyright Act
Government of Canada - Natural Resources Canada - Atlas of Canada - Toporama
Government of Canada - Natural Resources Canada - The Atlas of Canada
Government of Canada - Publications - Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War
Government of Canada - Publications - The Canadian Military Experience 1867-1995
Government of Canada - Service Canada - Starting a Business
Government of Canada - Travel Advice and Advisories
Government of New Brunswick
Government of Northwest Territories - Health and Social Services - Pharmacist Licence
Government of Nova Scotia
Government of Ontario
Government of PEI
Government of Saskatchewan - Access to Information Requests
Government of Saskatchewan - Developing Your Heritage Inventory-A Guide for Communities
Government of Saskatchewan - Municipal Directory System
Government of South Australia - Births, Deaths & Marriages
Government of South Australia - Historical searching and information
Government of South Australia - Land Services
Government of South Australia - Land services industry entry point
Government of South Australia - PlaceNames Online
Government of South Australia - Property Location Browser
Government of South Australia - SA Health
Government of South Australia - SA Water - History
Government of South Australia - South Australian Government Gazette
Government of South Australia - South Australian Heritage Places Database
Government of South Australia - State Records - House and Land - House or Property History
Government of West Bengal - Directorate of State Archives
Government of Western Australia - An Economic History of Western Australia Since Colonial Settlement
Government of Western Australia - Department of Attorney General
Government of Western Australia - Department of Justice - BDM - Online Index Search Tool
Government of Western Australia - Past Adoption Information and Services
Government of Western Australia - State Heritage Office
Government of Western Australia - Western Australia Government Gazette
Government of Western Australia - Western Australian Museum -Shipwreck Databases - Wrecks
Government of Yukon - Health Services - Vital statistics
Governor General of Canada
GovInfo - Public and Private Laws
GovInfo - U.S. Congressional Serial Set Resources
GPO - Federal Depository Library Directory (FDLD)
GPO - U.S. Congressional Serial Set: What It Is and Its History
Grace and Glory
Graham Jaunay - 1841 Census-South Australia
Graham Jaunay - Cemeteries and burial places in South Australia for family history
Graham Jaunay - Census in Australia
Graham Jaunay - The Census in Australia
Graham Jaunay - The Generation Grid
Grahame Thom’s Family History - Convict Ships-Medical Journals-1816 to 1867
Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Museum and Library
Grand Lodge of AF & AM of Newfoundland and Labrador
Grand Lodge of Alberta
Grand Lodge of Alberta - Masonic Library and Museum
Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon
Grand Lodge of Canada in the Provence of Ontario
Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Ireland
Grand Lodge of Manitoba
Grand Lodge of Manitoba Archives
Grand Lodge of New Brunswick
Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia
Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan
Grand Lodge of South Australia & Northern Territory - What do Freemasons do?
Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland
Grand Rapids Community Media Center - Education
Grande Loge du Québec / Grand Lodge of Quebec
Grande Prairie newspapers
Grande Prairie Public Library - Local History & Genealogy
Granny's Genealogy Garden
Grave Secrets - WWI Pictorial Honour Roll of Australians who served in the First World War
Grave Yard Rabbit Travels Wright
Gravesites of Tasmania
Gravestone Photographic Resource
Gravestone Studies
Great War 1914-1918
Greater Manchester Police Museum & Archives - History of Women in Policing
Greater Victoria Public Library - Local History
Greek Catholic Union
Greek Genealogy
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - What is Orthodox Christianity?
Greenleaf Friends Church
Greenline Buses [UK]
Greenwood's 1827 map of London
Grey Roots Museum & Archives - Collections & Archives
Grey Roots Museum & Archives - Collections and Research - Tweedsmuirs
Groninger ArchiefNet
Grosse-Île Quarantine Station between 1832 and 1937
Growing A Nation - Historical Timeline-1840
GrowlyBird Software - Growly Notes
Guardian - The Guardian and Observer Digital Archive
Guide Genealogie - Calendrier republicain
Guide to Australian Business Records
Guide to Family History Research
Guide to history and culture of the Slovak Republic
Guide to Local Church Records in the Archives of the Reformed...
Guide to National Archives of Ireland
Guide to National Archives of Ireland
Guild of One-Name Studies
Guild of One-Name Studies - Data Collection
Guild of One-Name Studies - Journal of One-Name Studies
Guild of One-Name Studies - Journal of One-Name Studies
Guild of One-Name Studies - Journal Vol. 9, No. 2, Apr-Jun 2006
Guild of One-Name Studies - Preserving your study
Guild of One-Name Studies - Suggested Example of a Will Codicil
Guild of One-Name Studies - Surnames Registered with the Guild
Guild of One-Name Studies - Top 500 names
Guildhall Library
Guildhall Library - Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section
Guildhall Library - Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section - Leaflet Guides to Records
Guildhall Library - Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section - Leaflet Guides to Records
Guildhall Library - History and heritage - Family History - Apprenticeship records
Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section
Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section - Indexes to Lloyd’s Captains Registers
Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section - Leaflet Guides to Records
GuildHall Manuscript Section - Fire Insurance Records at Guildhall Library
GuildHall Manuscript Section - The Place in the Sun Project
Guinness World Records - Oldest Hotel
Gunston Hall Archives - Manuscript and Map Collections
Guts and Gore - Bethlem Royal Hospital
Guys of Bottesford, Leicestershire - Consanguinity & Affinity
GVK Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund
GWM - Directory of Genealogy Libraries in the U.S.
Gympie Gold Mining & Historical Museum
H-net - Women’s archival and manuscript collections
Haberdashers’ Company
Hagstofa Islands Þjóðskrá [The National Registry]
Haileybury - The Haileybury Archives
Halifax - Municipal Archives - Source Guide - Genealogical Sources
Halifax Municipal Archives
Halifax Public Libraries - HRM’s Historic Communities
Hall Genealogy Website - Archaic Medical Terms
Hall Genealogy Website - Old Occupation Names
Hall of Church History: The Eastern Orthodox
Halton's Historical and Newspaper Records
Hamburg Emigration Lists, 1850-1934
Hamburg State Archives
Hamburg to New Zealand - New Zealand Shipping
Hampshire and General Friendly Society Collection
Hampshire Mills Group - Mill History
Handloom Weavers of Perth
Hans Högman's Genealogy - Swedish Naming Practices in Earlier Times, Surnames
Hans Högman's Genealogy and History Site
Hantsweb - Archives and Local Studies at Hampshire Record Office
Harappa Ancestry Project
Harleian Society
Harper’s Magazine - Archive
Harriet Irving Library - Newspaper Guide
Harris Manchester College Library - Unitarian Obituaries
Haruth Communications - Jewish Genealogy
Harvard Business School - Baker Library - R.G. Dun & Co./Dun & Bradstreet Collections
Harvard Extension School - World War II History: An Open Harvard Course
Harvard Libraries - Widener Library
Harvard Library - Research Guides - Germanic Research Web
HAT-History of Australian Theatre
Hathi Trust - Farm Equipment: Buildings and Machinery
Hathi Trust - Plows, Agricultural Implements and Machines
Hathi Trust - Sears Complete Line of Modern Farm Operating Equipment
Hathi Trust - A history of the public land policies
Hathi Trust - Final Disposition of World War II Dead 1945-51
Hathi Trust - Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland
Hathi Trust - Philip's handy atlas of the counties of Ireland
Hathi Trust Digital Library
Hawaii Historical Society
Hawaii State Archives
Hawaii State Judiciary
Hawaiian Language Newspapers
Hawkesbury on the Net - Church Registers
Hawkesbury People and Places
Hay Genealogy - Nagy Genealogy - 1828 Hungary Census
Hay Historical Society
HBC - Our History
Headstone Abbreviations - Mines Rescue Research
Health and Medicine Museums
Health Service Executive - Births, deaths and marriages - Find a civil registration service
Health Service Executive [Ireland] - Get certificates
Hearth Tax Online
Hebrew College - Rae and Joseph Gann Library
Helen Doxford Harris - Indexes
Helen Doxford Harris OAM
Helens’ Page of New Zealand History
Helensburgh and District Historical Society
Hellfire Corner - The Thankful Villages
Hennepin County Library - Minneapolis City Directory Collection 1859-1922
Henry Ferrar's Index to Marriages in Walkers' Hibernian Magazine for 1771 to 1812
Henry Ford - The Quadricycle
Henry III Fine Rolls Project - Fine Rolls - Translations
Henry Moore Foundation - Sculpture Research Library - Biographical Dictionary of Sculptors
Henry Shaw's New City Pictorial Directory of Dublin City 1850
Her Majesty's Court Services
Her Majesty's Courts Service - Guide to Obtaining Copies of Probate Records
Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra
Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra - South African Graves
Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra - South African Graves - Search
Heraldry Society (of England)
Heraldry Society of Scotland
Heralds' Visitations and the College of Arms
Heredis - Free family tree mobile app for iOS and Android
Heredis Online
Hereditary Society Community of the U.S..A. - Complete List of Active Hereditary Societies
Herefordshire Council - Herefordshire Field-Names and Landowners Database
Heriot Watt University - Information Services
Héritage - Adjutant-General’s Office, Upper Canada: Register of officers
Héritage - Audit Office: AO 13. Claims, American Loyalists-Series II: selections: C-9821
Héritage - Department of Militia and Defence: Fenian raids pension records, 1867-1915
Héritage - Department of Militia and Defence: Registers and lists of officers
Héritage - Haldimand papers
Héritage - Haldimand papers: C-1475
Héritage - Heir and Devisee
Héritage - Jacques-Henri Fabien collection
Héritage - Land petitions and related records of the Executive Council
Héritage - Lower Canada / Canada East census returns for 1825
Héritage - Office of Deputy Adjutant General, Canada East: registers of officers
Héritage - Parish registers: New Brunswick
Héritage - Quebec Gazette: Finding Aid 1807, the card index
Héritage - Royal Canadian Air Force operations record books
Héritage - Royal Newfoundland Regiment service files
Héritage - Search Results for “Census”
Héritage - Shelburne historical records collection: H-984
Héritage - Upper Canada Land Books
Héritage - Upper Canada Sundries
Héritage - War diaries
Héritage - Ward Chipman (senior and junior) fonds
Heritage Antigonish
Heritage Books
Heritage Books, Inc.
Heritage Canada Foundation
Heritage Explorer
Heritage Library
Heritage Newfoundland & Labrador
Heritage Newfoundland & Labrador - Dictionary of Newfoundland English
Heritage Productions
Heritage Quest
Heritage Quest Online
Heritage Quest Online - Search Books - People/Places/Publications
Heritage Quest Online - Search PERSI
Heritage Tasmania
Heritage Tasmania - Researching historic heritage places
Heritage Victoria
Heritage Yukon
Het Flevolands Archief
Het Rijksarchief in België / Belgium State Archives
Het Scheepvaartmuseum
Het Utrechts Archief
Hetherington Group
Hetherington Information Services, LLC
Hex Hub
Hexadecimal Color Codes
Hexadecimal Definition
Heyday Into California - News from the Native California
Heywood District Pioneers & History
HIAS - Records Search Requests
Hidden Canberra
Hidden Lives Revealed
High Life Highland - Archives Services
High-Definition Genealogy
High-Definition Genealogy - About - Thomas MacEntee
Highland and Island Emigration Society
Highland Family History Society
Hill DNA Project
Hillel International
Hills, The - Heritage Sites
Hiss & Boo - Locating Music Hall & Variety Artistes
Histoire du Calendrier ‘Le Calendrier Revolutionnaire français’
Histoire Linguistique Esprit Valdotain
Historic American Highways
Historic Beaverbrook House
Historic Environment Scotland
Historic House Colors - “The House That Lewis Built”
Historic Houses Trust - Hyde Park Barracks Museum Guidebook
Historic Map Works
Historic Map Works - Arkansas Historical Maps and Atlases
Historic Map Works - Iowa Historical Maps and Atlases
Historic Map Works - Kansas Historical Maps and Atlases
Historic Map Works - Missouri Historical Maps and Atlases
Historic Map Works - Nebraska Historical Maps and Atlases
Historic Map Works - North Dakota Historical Maps and Atlases
Historic Map Works - South Dakota Historical Maps and Atlases
Historic Newspaper Archives
Historic Pathways
Historic Pathways - Articles
Historic Pathways - Which Marie Louis Is “Mariotte”?
Historic Photographs New Zealand
Historic Pittsburgh
Historic Plaques of Ontario
Historic Richmond Gaol
Historic Scotland - Short Guide Information for Historic Building Owners
Historic UK - Culture UK - Chimney Sweeps and Climbing Boys - Yellow Fever…the Plague of Memphis
Historica Canada - Anglicanism
Historica Canada - Taxation
Historical Association
Historical Atlas of Canada
Historical Atlas of Canada - Territorial Evolution, 1670-2001
Historical Atlas of Europe - Links Towards Other Historical Atlases on the Web
Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century
Historical Census Information at Princeton University
Historical Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Newspapers
Historical Documents
Historical Maps - Germany at the End of the 18th Century
Historical Maps of India
Historical Marker Database - The Chicago Road
Historical Newspapers
Historical Newspapers - Palmer's Index to the Times (England)
Historical Newspapers and Indexes on the Internet-USA
Historical Records of Dukes County, Mass. - Index to Marriage Notices ...
Historical Society of Pennsylvania - Collections
Historical Society of Pennsylvania - Land Records Guide
Historical Society of Pennsylvania - Russian Brotherhood Organization of the U.S.A Records
Historical Society of Pennsylvania - The Balch Institute
Historical Society of South Australia
Historical Society of the Northern Territory
Historical Texts
Historical Topographic Map Digitization Project - Centennia Historical Atlas Software - Cities of Hwy 49
Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden
Historisch Centrum Overijssel
History & Policy
History - A Brief History of Bloodletting
History - Famous Speeches & Audio
History - History by Topic
History - History of Death - Trends in Death
History - Industrial Revolution Videos - Evolution of Railroads
History - The U.S. Home Front During World War II
History - This Day in History - Jun 16, 1903: Ford Motor Company Incorporated
History - This Day in History - Mar 10, 1906: Mine Explosion Kills 1,060 in France
History - This Day in History - May 10, 1877: Hayes Has First Phone Installed in White House
History and Collections - Marine Corp Women’s Reserve
History Australia
History Australia - IFHAA - The Evolution of Education in Australia
History by the Yard - Register of recruits into the Metropolitan Police
History Channel - History Stories - 9 Things You May Not Know About the Oregon Trail
History Channel - This Day in History - 1843 - A thousand pioneers head West on the Oregon Trail
History Detective (television show)
History Hub - 1950 Census: Infant Cards and the Special Infant Enumeration Study
History Ireland
History Magazine - The National Road
History Makers
History Matters - Oral History Online
History Nebraska - Archives
History of Ireland
History of Nova Scotia - Book #2: Settlement, Revolution & War (1760-1815)
History of Parliament
History of Taxation since 1798
History of the Mormon Trail
History of the Restoration Movement
History of Victorian Mourning Jewelry
History on the Net - Henry VIII and the Break with Rome Timeline
History Place
History Place - A Nation Divided: The U.S. Civil War 1861 to 1865
History Press
History Queensland Inc
History SA
History World - The First Ten Newspapers in America
HistoryCrafters - Antique Map Collection - Resource Summary
HistoryNet - Sultana: A Tragic Postscript to the Civil War
Histpop: Online Historical Population Reports
HM HIM Hadtörténelmi Levéltár / HM HIM Military History Archive
HM Revenue & Customs - A Brief History of Income Tax
HM Revenue & Customs - A Tax to Beat Napoleon
Hobbes' Internet Timeline - Historical maps - Germany at the end of the 18th century
Holistic School of Business - Holistic Marketing
Holland Society of New York
Hollinger Metal Edge
Hollyer Family
Holodomor 1932-33
Holy Cross Church of Chicago, Baptismal Records, 1904, 1905, 1906
Holy Cross Historical Trust - Genealogy - Conception Bay North Church Records
Home Office - Identity & Passport Service
Home Office - Identity & Passport Service - Certificate Ordering Service
Homeland - Plains Indian Timeline
Homepage of Carol Foss Swinehart - New York Church Archives
Homestead National Monument (Beatrice, Nebraska)
Honoring Our Ancestors
Honoring Our Ancestors - Genealogical Library
Honoring Our Ancestors - Genealogical Library - Eastern European Research
Honourable East India Company Service - Journal and Ship’s Log Etc. ...
Honourable Society of the Inner Temple - Calendars of Inner Temple Records 1505-1845
Hoosier Daddy?
Houston Public Library - Digital Archvies - Family History Research Center
How Canadians Govern Themselves
How Do I Begin To Document and File Family History?
How-To Geek - Will Your Favorite iPhone Apps Work on iPad?
Howard County, Indiana Memory Project
HowStuffWorks - How Internet Search Engines Work
HowToMakeMyBlog - How To Install WordPress And Start Your Own Blog With A Bang In 2016
Hrvatski državni arhiv / Croatian State Archives - ARHiNET
Hrvatski Drzavni Arhiv / Croatian State Archives
HTML 4.01 Specification
HTML Station
HubPages - Twitter Terminology 101
Hudson's Care
Hudson’s Bay Company Archives
HuffPost - How to Read and Understand a Scientific Paper...
Hugh Wallis’s - IGI Batch Numbers - British Isles and North America
Hugh Wallis’s Genealogical Web Sites
Huguenot Society of America
Huguenot Society of Australia
Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland
Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland - Family History
Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland - Library
Huguenot Society of Great Britain & Ireland-Irish Section
Huguenot Society of South Carolina
Humanity in Action - Facing the Past to Liberate the Future: Colonial Africa in the German Mind
Hungarian Archives Portal
Hungarian Archives Portal - Archives of Hungary
Hungarian County Maps prior to 1918 on the Web
Hungarian Genealogical Society of Greater Cleveland
Hungarian Genealogical Society of Michigan
Hungarian Given Names and their English, Latin and German equivalents
Hungarian House of New York
Hungarian Village Finder, Atlas, and Gazetteer for the Kingdom of Hungary - The Hungarian alphabet
Hungaricana - Maps
Hungary Exchange
Hungary Exchange - Guides - General Guides - Reading Hungarian Relationships
Hunter Valley Genealogy - The Convict Settlement at Hunter’s River (Newcastle)
Huntington Library - Early California Population Project
Hutchinsons’ Prince Edward Island Directory, 1864
Hutt City - Petone Settlers Database
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