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IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project
Ian's English Calendar
Ian's English Calendar - Ecclesiastical Dates
ICANN - Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policies
ICAPGen - Fee Schedule
ICAPGen - Find an AG Professional
ICAPGen - Professional Standards - Code of Ethics
ICAPGen - Qualifications of an AG® Professional
ICAPGen - Work Samples
ICARUS - Matricula
Iceland Review Online - The Book of Icelanders [Islendingabok]
Icelandic Genealogy Society
ICMA Centre - The Soldier in later Medieval England
ICSM - Fundamentals of Land Ownership, Land Boundaries, and Surveying
Idaho Association of Counties - Idaho Counties
Idaho Department of Lands
Idaho Genealogical Society
Idaho History and Genealogy
Idaho State Archives
Idaho State Historical Society
Idaho State Historical Society - Digital Collections
Idaho State Historical Society - IHS Data - Newspaper list
Idaho State Historical Society - Naturalization Records for Immigration and Family History
Idaho State Historical Society - Public Archives and Research Library - County Records
Idaho State Tax Commission - About Us
Idaho State University - Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Idaho State University - Eli M. Oboler Library
Identifinders International
iFamily for Leopard
IFHH Shipping Pages - The Convict Death Fleet
IGI Batch Numbers - British Isles and North America
IIUPUI - Indiana Historic Sites & Structures Inventory - Clinton County Interim Report
IJReview - Causes of Death in 1900 vs. Today...
Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library - World War II Operational Documents
Il Circolo Calabrese - Calabria Surnames Database
Illinois Courts
Illinois Department of Agriculture - Centennial, Sesquicentennial & Bicentennial Farms
Illinois Department of Public Health - County Vital Records Web sites or County Clerk Addresses
Illinois Digital Archives - Community History - Libertyville History
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency - Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Illinois Labor History Society
Illinois Newspaper Titles
Illinois Regional Archives Depositories
Illinois State Archives
Illinois State Archives - Genealogical Research Series Pamphlet No. 3, Military Records
Illinois State Archives - Database of Illinois War of 1812 Veterans
Illinois State Archives - Databases - Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales
Illinois State Archives - Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900
Illinois State Genealogical Society
Illinois State Genealogical Society - ISGS Webinars
Illinois State Historical Library
Illinois State Historical Society
ILUSS - Learning Italian Online - Immigration Daily - “American Names: Declaring Independence”,0808-smith.shtm
Image Partners - Name Thesaurus
Images Canada
Images for Web Pages
Images of England
Images of Prairie Towns
IMAR Mecklenburg Emigrant Database Background and Index
iMediaConnection - 9 inforgraphics marketers need to see
Imgur - Map of the Most Common Surnames in Europe-Eastern
Immersion Genealogy
Immigrant Genealogical Society
Immigrant Genealogy Society - Index of Emigrants to America from IGS Ortssipenbücher
Immigrant Ships
Immigrant Ships - Ship Descriptions from Various Internet Mailing Lists List
Immigrant Ships to New Zealand 1835 to 1910
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Amynta
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Ann & Mary
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Apollo
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Barque Ellen
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Barque Hope
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Barque Lulan
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Brig Lady Gray
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Dove of Aberdeen
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Duke of York
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Jenny
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - London
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Mary
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Providence
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Sally
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Sloop Lydia
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Squirrel
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Thomas & William
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Two Brothers
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - Two Friends
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild - World War II Refugees to Australia
Immigrants from Litmanova
Immigration and Ethnic Sources
Immigration Records (Ship Passenger Arrival Records)
Immigration to New Zealand - Or Finding the Ship your Ancestors came to New Zealand on
Immigration to the USA - Irish Immigration
Imperial College London - College Archives and Corporate Records Unit
Imperial War Museums
Imperial War Museums - Collections - War Memorials Register
Imperial War Museums - Learning Resources
Imperial War Museums - Lives of the First World War
Imperial War Museums - Search UK War Memorials
In Flanders Fields Museum - Ireland’s Memorial Records
In Honored Glory - WWII Grave Registration
In Memoriam
In Search of Your Canadian Past: The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project
In-Tuition - Time Management Tips Overview - Indiana Archives - Indiana Soldier's and Sailor's Children's Home - Indiana Archives - Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Children’s Home - Indiana Archives and Records Administration - State Forms Online Catalog
Inc. - How to Write a Marketing Plan
Incline Software - PAFWiz
Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Genealogy Research
Index Général des Patronymes
Index New Zealand
Index to Cadet Papers 1787-1859 held at the O.I.O.C.
Index to Names in the Christian Guardian Newspaper
Index to the Irish Independent Newspaper Obituaries
Index to the Probate Records of the County of Middlesex, Massachusetts
Indexs of Census returns
Indiaman Magazine
Indian Affairs records
Indian Cemeteries
Indian Defence Services Staff College
Indian Defence Services Staff College - Quetta History
Indian Prairie Genealogical Group
Indian Princely States
Indian Railways Fan Club Association
Indiana Archives - Land Records Collection: Land Office Index
Indiana Digital Archives
Indiana Historical Society - Indiana Newspapers on Microfilm
Indiana State Archives - Early Military Records
Indiana State Archives - Hoosier Homestead Award Database
Indiana State Archives - Indianapolis and Marion County Employees (1890-1926)
Indiana State Archives - Naturalization Records Database
Indiana State Archives - Research Indiana Catalog
Indiana State Department of Agriculture - Hoosier Homestead
Indiana State Library - Genealogy Collection
Indiana University - “Oral History Techniques: How to Organize and Conduct Oral History Interviews”
Indiana University Bloomington - Libraries - Union List of Sanborn Maps
Infopeople - Best Search Tools Chart
Infoplease - 1000-1899 (A.D.) World History
Infoplease - Epidemics of the Past: Smallpox: 12,000 Years of Terror
Infoplease - History of the Income Tax in the United States
Infoplease - Life Expectancy by Age, 1850-2011
Infoplease - U.S. Statistics - Mortality
Information Network For Ontario
Information on Genealogical Research in the Czech Republic
InfoUkes - “Did Your Baba Come from Austria?”
InfoUkes - Genealogy - Other Ukrainian Relevant Genealogical Sites
InfoUkes - Mailing Lists
InfoWorld - What is cloud computing?: Everything you need to know now t-is-cloud-computing.html
Infusionsoft Blog
Ingersoll Chronicle Online Database
Ingersoll Tribune Online Database
Inland Revenue
Inside Google Books
Inside Out - A Short History of Trenton State Prison
Institut de la statistique du Québec
Institut für Historische Familienforschung / Institute for Historical Family Research
Institut für Pfälzische Geschichte und Volkskunde
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales - Accountancy Ancestors
Institute of Civil Engineers
Institute of Civil Engineers - Virtual Library
Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research
Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies
Institute of Historical Research
Institute of Historical Research - Bibliography of British and Irish History
Institute of Historical Research - Research - Victoria County History
Institute of Historical Research - Victoria County History counties
Institute of Islamic Information and Education
Institute of Mechanical Engineers - Archive
Institute of National Remembrance - Brief History of Poland 1939-1989,Brief-history.html
Institute of Public Accountants - History & Recognition
Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Institutet för Språk och Folkminnen - Svenskt ortnamnslexikon [Swedish Placenames Lexikon]
Intelius - Dunwich Cemetery - Recording Cemeteries with Digital Photography
International Academy for Genealogy
International African American Museum - Center for Family History
International Association of Coaching
International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
International Cemetery and Funeral Association
International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association- Jewish Funeral Directors of America
International Centre for Archival Research - Matricula
International Centre for Convict Studies
International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
International Coach Federation
International Committee of the Red Cross - Prisoners of the First World War, the ICRC archives
International Currency Express
International German Genealogy Partnership
International German Genealogy Partnership - Partner Lists
International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center
International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center - Jacobi Monographs
International Institute of Archival Science - Multilingual dictionary of archival terminology
International Jewish Cemetery Project
International Monetary Express
International Oral History Association
International Pentecostal Holiness Church
International Police Association
International Society for Phylogenetic Nomenclature
International Society of Family History Writers and Editors
International Society of Family History Writers and Editors - Excellence-in-Writing Competition
International Society of Genetic Genealogy
International Society of Genetic Genealogy - Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree
International Society of Genetic Genealogy - Y-DNA Papers Cited 2015
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Autosomal DNA testing comparison chart
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Beginners’ Guide to Genetic Genealogy
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Chromosome browser examples
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Ethics, guidelines and standards,_guidelines_and_standards
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Family Tree DNA
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Genetic Glossary
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - ISOGG Newsletter
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - List of DNA testing companies
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Scientific studies
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - The phasing process
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Y Chromosome Consortium
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Y-DNA SNP testing chart
International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki - Y-DNA STR testing chart
International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry
International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry - Slave Archival Collection
International Soundex Reunion Registry
International Special Events Society
International Students House
International Tracing Service
International White and Yellow Pages
Internet Archive
Internet Archive - A Lady’s Diary: Before and During the Indian Mutiny
Internet Archive - A Practical Farm Root Cellar
Internet Archive - A Register of Ships: The United East India Company
Internet Archive - A tea planter’s life in Assam
Internet Archive - Army Sanitary Administration, & Its Reform Under the Late Lord Herbert
Internet Archive - Barn Plans and Outbuildings
Internet Archive - British South Africa: A History of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope
Internet Archive - Cook and Housewife’s Manual
Internet Archive - Correspondence of Charles, Marquis Cornwallis
Internet Archive - East-India Register and Army List, for 1845
Internet Archive - Hidden Treasure: The Story of A Chore Boy Who Made The Old Farm Pay
Internet Archive - History of Yellow Fever: Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878, in Memphis, Tenn.
Internet Archive - Hobson-Jobson...
Internet Archive - Italians in Europe and Canada
Internet Archive - Mayhew’s London
Internet Archive - Memoir of the Life of Donald Cameron...
Internet Archive - Modern Farm Buildings Already Cut and Fitted: Barn Equipment
Internet Archive - Modern Farm Buildings
Internet Archive - Practical Hints about Barn Building
Internet Archive - Relations of Population and Food Products in the United States
Internet Archive - Reminiscences of an old English Civil Engineer, 1858-1908
Internet Archive - Stables, Outbuildings and Fences
Internet Archive - The British Expedition to the Crimea
Internet Archive - The Cyclopedia of South Australia...
Internet Archive - The Housekeeper’s Book
Internet Archive - The Old Country Trade of the East Indies
Internet Archive - The Original Letters from India of Mrs Eliza Fay
Internet Archive - The Young Housekeeper’s Friend
Internet Archive - Under Ten Viceroys
Internet Archive - United States Citizens Defense Corps
Internet Archive - Victory Farm Volunteers of the U.S. Crop Corps
Internet Archive - 10th Census, 1880
Internet Archive - A Dictionary and Digest of the Law of Scotland
Internet Archive - Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia
Internet Archive - An Introduction to Greek and Latin Palaeography
Internet Archive - An introduction to Greek and Latin paleography
Internet Archive - Army Lists
Internet Archive - Audio Archive
Internet Archive - Boundaries of Counties and Parishes
Internet Archive - Bygone Church Life in Scotland
Internet Archive - Canadian women in workshops, mills and factories
Internet Archive - Census of Ireland, 1871: Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns of Ireland
Internet Archive - eBook and Texts
Internet Archive - ebooks and Texts - European Libraries - National Library of Scotland
Internet Archive - Genealogy
Internet Archive - Hart’s Annual Army List
Internet Archive - Hastings County industries, 1871
Internet Archive - Heads of the people, or, Portraits of the English - The Postman
Internet Archive - History of the Catholic Church of Scotland
Internet Archive - Index to the prerogative wills of Ireland, 1536-1810
Internet Archive - Knights of Pythias directory and Buffalo street directory and guide
Internet Archive - Lloyd’s Register of British and Foreign Shipping
Internet Archive - Louden Barn Plans
Internet Archive - LRFHEC
Internet Archive - Moving Image Archive
Internet Archive - Old Coaching Days
Internet Archive - Our Farm and Building Book
Internet Archive - Parish Register Latin: An Introduction
Internet Archive - Philip’s Handy Atlas of the Counties of Ireland
Internet Archive - Radford’s Combined House and Barn Plan Book
Internet Archive - Records of the field offices for the Bureau of Refugees,...
Internet Archive - Scottish Directories
Internet Archive - Scottish Parochial Registers
Internet Archive - Sketch of the History and Imperfect Condition of the Parochial Records...
Internet Archive - Songs and verses social and scientific
Internet Archive - Texts - Additional Collections - Genealogy
Internet Archive - The Accounts of the Churchwardens of the Parish...
Internet Archive - The Cyclopedia of Fraternities
Internet Archive - The Handy Book of Parish Law
Internet Archive - The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland
Internet Archive - The Political History of Poland
Internet Archive - The Public Records of Scotland
Internet Archive - The Record Interpreter: A Collection of Abbreviations...
Internet Archive - The Register of the Apprentices of the City of Edinburgh, 1583-1666
Internet Archive - The Survey Gazetteer of the British Isles
Internet Archive - The Territorial Papers of the United States
Internet Archive - Topographical Dictionary of Ireland
Internet Archive - United States Census
Internet Archive - University of Alberta Libraries
Internet Archive - Victory corps series. Pamphlet
Internet Archive - Video - PIHA: A Video History of Washington State
Internet Archive - Visitation Articles and Injunctions, Volume II, 1536-1557
Internet Archive - War Department Technical Manual (TM12-427) - “Military Occupational ...”
Internet Archive - WayBackMachine
Internet Archive - Wisconsin Census
Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine
Internet Family History Association of Australia - IFHAA Miscellaneous Pages
Internet for History
Internet Genealogy - Tracing Your Ancestors Series
Internet Genealogy Magazine
Internet Genealogy Magazine - Tracing Your Eastern European Ancestors
Internet History Resources
Internet Library of Early Journals
Internet Library of Early Journals - Browse Journals
Internet Sacred Text Archive - Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor
Internet Sacred Text Archive - Tibetan Buddhism Archives
Internet4Classrooms - Timelines
Intuit - QuickBooks
Intuit - Quicken
Inventory of Older Octagon, Hexagon, and Round Houses
Inverse - These Maps Show How Ridiculously Long U.S. Travel Took in 1800
Investopedia - Generational Marketing: Harvest The Whole Family Tree
Invisible Australians
Iowa Conservation and Preservation Consortium - Tips on Preserving Audio Cassette Tapes
Iowa Department of Public Health - Bureau of Health Statistics
Iowa Department of Transportation - Office of Systems Planning - Historic Maps
Iowa Heritage Digital Collections - Maps, Atlases, Surveys
Iowa Judicial Branch
Iowa Legislature - Iowa Law & Rules
Iowa Official Register - History of Iowa
Iowa Pathways
Iowa Pathways - Iowa in World War I - State Historical Society of Iowa - State Historical Society of Iowa - History - Research - RG 101 Adjutant General
ipl2 - Guide to Researching the History of a House
Ipswitch - WS_FTP
Iraq Afghanistan and Middle East Veterans Association of Australia
IreAtlas Townland Data Base
Ireland Department of Finance - Registry of Deeds
Ireland Genealogy Projects & Irish Genealogy Projects Archives
Ireland News Extracts of Irish Newspapers
Ireland Old News
Ireland’s Great Famine 1845-1849
Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum - The Potato Blight
IrelandGenWeb Project
Irish Ancestors
Irish Ancestors - "The Irish in South Africa: The Police, A Case Study"
Irish Ancestors - Irish names - Surname Search
Irish Ancestors - Irish Placenames
Irish Ancestors - Newspapers
Irish Ancestral Research Association
Irish Ancestral Research Association - Irish Maps
Irish Archives Resource
Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference
Irish Cultural Society of the Garden City Area - History & Events
Irish Echo
Irish Family Histories
Irish Family History Centre
Irish Family History Foundation - Online Research System
Irish Family History Society
Irish Famine Maemorial Sydney - Famine Orphan Girls
Irish Famine Memorial - Orphans
Irish Genealogical Foundation
Irish Genealogical Research Society
Irish Genealogical Society International
Irish Genealogy News
Irish Genealogy Resources
Irish Genealogy Toolkit
Irish Genealogy Toolkit - Family Relationship Chart
Irish Genealogy Toolkit - Ireland's civil registration districts
Irish Genealogy Toolkit - Irish Land Divisions
Irish Genealogy Toolkit - Land & Property - Valuation Revision Books
Irish Graveyards
Irish Historian
Irish History Online
Irish Index
Irish Jewish Community - Genealogy
Irish Jewish Community - Irish Jewish History - Genealogy
Irish Jewish Genealogical Society
Irish Jewish Museum
Irish Jewish Museum - Genealogy
Irish Lives Remembered Genealogy Magazine
Irish Manuscripts Commission
Irish Mariners - Irish Merchant Seamen 1918-1921
Irish Mariners - Irish Merchant Seamen 1918-1921
Irish Military War Museum
Irish Newspaper Archives
Irish Palatine Association
Irish Passenger Lists Research Guide
Irish Patents Office - Copyright
Irish Political Maps
Irish Roots Magazine
Irish Story
Irish Times - Irish Ancestors - Eighteenth & Nineteenth Century Census Substitutes
Irish Times - Irish Ancestors - Newspapers
Irish Times - Search
Irish Tithe Defaulters List
Irish Townland Maps
Irish Townlands
Irish Townlands
Irish War Memorials
Irish World
IrishCentral - Find out the meaning behind your Irish surname - Part I - Search The Newspaper [1859-Present]
Iron Room Archives and Collections - The Middlemore Homes
Iroquois Wars
IRS - Application of recognition of exemption
IRS - Apply for an Employer Identification Number Online
IRS - Forms and Publications - Instructions for Form 1024
ISC - Land Titles
ISC - Maps and Photos - SaskGrid Township Fabric Map
ISHI - Investigative Genetic Genealogy: How Does it Work?
Islamic Circle of North America
Islamic Society of North America
Island Register
Island Register - Baptisms from St. John’s Presbyterian Church...
Island Register - P.E.I. Family Lineages
Island Register - P.E.I. Ships Database
Island Register - Passenger List of the "Alexander", and the Glenaladale Settlers
Island Register - Passenger list of the "British Queen"
Island Register - Passenger List of the "Falmouth"
Island Register - Passenger List of the “Jane”
Island Register - Passenger List of the “Lively”
Island Register - Passenger List of the “Lovely Nelly”, 1775
Island Register - Passenger List of the “Lucy”
Island Register - Passenger List Reconstruction for the “Polly”, 1803
Island Register - Passengers of the Elizabeth, Greenock to P.E.I. - 1775
Island Register - Passengers on the Annabella - Island Lives
IslandImagined - Roe Brothers’ Atlas of the Maritime Provinces...
Islands Historical Society
ISOGG Wiki - Oxford Ancestors
Israel Genealogical Society - Aids: General
Israel Genealogy Research Association - All Israel Database (AID)
Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien / Jewish Community Vienna - Suche nach / Search
IT World Canada - Google Maps’ Greatest Misses
It’s All Relative
It’s an Honour
Italian Citizenship Assistance Program
Italian Dual Citizenship
Italian Dual Citizenship - Italian Citizenship by Descent
Italian Genealogical Word List
Italian Genealogy and Heraldry Society of Canada
Italian Genealogy Group
Italian Genealogy Group - Databases
Italian Genealogy Online
Italian Heritage Center
Italian Heritage Dante Association
Italian Heritage Society of Indiana
Italian Historical Society - COASIT - Publications
Italian Immigrants at Pier 21 - Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Italian Legacy - Italian Migration To Australia
Italian Occupations
Italian Records
Italian Surname Database
ITMB (International Travel Maps & Books)
Its all Relative
iTunes - Digital Preservation Webcasts
iTunes - iTunes Preview - BillionGraves Camera App
iTunes - iTunes Preview - Dragon Dictation
iTunes - iTunes Preview - How to Write Your Family History
iTunes - iTunes Preview - Keynote
iTunes - iTunes Preview - Notability
iTunes - iTunes Preview - Pages
iTunes - iTunes Preview - Skyfire Web Browser of iPad
iTunes Store - iPhone App Store
J & J Cooke Shipping Agents Records, 1847-1871
Jacksonville Universitys Florida Writers Project Digital Collection
Jade Cat Genealogy Graphics
Jamaican Family Search - Military
James Cook University - Library and Computing Services - Heritage & Archival Collections
Jamestown Rediscovery - History of Jamestown Rediscovery
Jana’s Genealogy and Family History Blog
Janaway Genealogy Books
Janet's Genealogy Blog
Japanese American National Museum - Collections & Research - Japanese American Incarceration Facts
Japanese American Veterans Association
Japanese American Veterans Association - Japanese American Women in World War II
Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives
Jayne Shrimpton
Jazykovedný ústav Ľudovíta Štúra - Názvy obcí Slovenskej republiky
JCR-UK - Ballybough Jewish Cemetery
JCR-UK - Susser Archive
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Jenner Museum
Jenny Brandis Genealogy - Genealogical Data
Jenny Fawcett's Genseek Genealogy
Jenny Fawcett's Genseek Genealogy - A List of Known Hulks
Jenny Fawcett's Genseek Genealogy - A.C.T Records
Jenny Fawcett's Genseek Genealogy - Australia Police History
Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents 1610 to 1791
Jewett Family of America, Inc
Jewish Archives and Historical Society of Edmonton and Northern Alberta
Jewish Federation of Ottawa - Ottawa Jewish Archives
Jewish Genealogical Society - NY Area Cemetery Directions
Jewish Genealogical Society [New York]
Jewish Genealogical Society of British Columbia
Jewish Genealogical Society of Canada (Toronto) - Rotenberg Ledger Alphabetical Index
Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain - Shemot
Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston
Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois
Jewish Genealogical Society of Montréal
Jewish Genealogical Society of Southwest Florida
Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto
Jewish Genealogical Society of Washington State
Jewish Genealogy Links
Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland
Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington
Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada
Jewish Heritage Report - Newsletter of the International Survey of Jewish Monuments
Jewish Historical Institute
Jewish Historical Society of England
Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta
Jewish History in Australia
Jewish Ireland
Jewish Language Research Website
Jewish Language Research Website - Jewish Onomastics
Jewish Museum
Jewish Museum & Archives of BC
Jewish Museum Milwaukee
Jewish Museum of Maryland
Jewish National & University Library
Jewish Public Library
Jewish Public Library - Archives
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
Jewish Records Indexing-Poland - The Slownik Nazwisk is Online
Jewish Theological Seminary
Jewish Theological Seminary - JTS Library
Jewish Virtual Library
Jewish Virtual Library - Italy and the Jews - Timeline
Jewish Virtual Library - Jewish Chronicle
Jewish Virtual Library - Tasmania
Jewish Virtual Library - The American Red Cross Holocaust Victims Tracing Center
Jewish Web Index
Jewish Web Index - Ireland
JewishGen - Given Names Data Bases
JewishGen - 1848 Jewish Census Instructions for Transcribers
JewishGen - Austria-Czech Special Interest Group - Beginner’s Guide to Austrian-Jewish Genealogy
JewishGen - Austria-Czech Special Interest Group - Gundacker List
JewishGen - BialyGen - Bialystok Region Jewish Genealogy Group
JewishGen - Eastern Europe FAQ
JewishGen - Ellis Island Database One-Step Search Tools
JewishGen - Ellis Island Database One-Step Search Tools
JewishGen - Family Tree of the Jewish People
JewishGen - Family Tree of the Jewish People
JewishGen - German Jewish Special Interest Group
JewishGen - Guide to Canadian Jewish Genealogical Research
JewishGen - Hungarian Special Interest Group
JewishGen - Hungarian Special Interest Group - Jewish Family Research in Slovakia
JewishGen - Hungary Database
JewishGen - InfoFile
JewishGen - InfoFiles - FAQ
JewishGen - InfoFiles - Hiring a Professional Genealogist
JewishGen - InfoFiles - Reading Hebrew Tombstones
JewishGen - InfoFiles - Retail Establishments with Yizkor Book Holdings
JewishGen - InfoFiles - Soundex Coding
JewishGen - Introduction to the Jewish Calendar
JewishGen - Issue of The Mormon Baptisms of Jewish Holocaust Victims
JewishGen - Italian Resources for Jewish Genealogy
JewishGen - Jewish Genealogy–Twelve Steps to Getting Started
JewishGen - Jewish Records in the Family History Library Catalog
JewishGen - JewishGen Communities Database
JewishGen - JewishGen Communities Database
JewishGen - JewishGen Communities Database and JewishGen Gazetteer
JewishGen - JewishGen Databases
JewishGen - JewishGen DNA Central
JewishGen - JewishGen Family Finder
JewishGen - JewishGen Gazetteer
JewishGen - JewishGen Germany Database
JewishGen - JewishGen InfoFile Index
JewishGen - JewishGen KehilaLinks
JewishGen - JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry
JewishGen - JewishGen-erosity
JewishGen - JewishGen’s Holocaust Database
JewishGen - JOS - JewishGen Calculator Tools
JewishGen - JOS Calendar Conversion
JewishGen - JOS Jewish Festival Dates
JewishGen - JOS Soundex Calculator
JewishGen - Oral History Interview, Questions and Topics
JewishGen - Reading Hebrew Tombstones
JewishGen - Research Divisions
JewishGen - Revision Lists―Bessarabia
JewishGen - Search the JewishGen website
JewishGen - ShtetLinks
JewishGen - ShtetLinks - Lithuania
JewishGen - ShtetlSeeker - Radius Search
JewishGen - The Blitzstein Bank Passage Order Book Records Database
JewishGen - ViewMate
JewishGen - Yizkor Book Project
JewishGen - Yizkor Book Project Translator List
JewishGen Sephardic SIG
JewishGen Sephardic SIG - Jewish Names and Genealogies - Jewish Genealogy
JiGraH Resources
Jim - Image Maps
Jim's Jottings - English Counties, Parishes, etc. for Genealogists
Jisc - Library Hub Discover
Joe Beines Online Searchable Database
Johan I. Borgos’ and Marianne F. Pettersens web-site - Norwegian Genealogy Sources
Johannes Schwalm Historical Association
Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo - Find A Cemetery
John & Marion Hearfield - How Much Was a Loaf of Bread? - Who earned what?
John Carroll University - Classice & Modern Languages & Cultures - Slovak
John Ferrar's Directory of Limerick
John Fuller Memorial Channel Islands Surname Interest List
John Grenham - Irish Ancestors
John Howell's Genealogue
John J Graham’s Shetland Dictionary
John Owen Smith - Headley - Ludshott Manor Court Rolls, 1400-1833
John Philip Colletta
John Richard Allison Library at Regent College
John Snow's 1859 London map
John Townsend Genealogy Books
Joiner Marriage Index
Jordan Surname DNA Project
Jordans From Virginia to Alabama and Beyond
Joseph Campbell Foundation - The Hero With a Thousand Faces
Joseph Smith Prophet of God (1805-1844)
Journal of Genetic Genealogy
Journal of Genetic Genealogy - “Phasing the Chromosomes...”
Journey App
Joy Murrin Family History Services
JoyZine - Moreton Bay Penal Establishment
JoyZine - The Convict Origins of the Trade Union Movement
JSTOR - ‘Handfasting’ in Scotland
Judaica Libraries and Archives on the Web
Judaism 101
Judaism 101 - Jewish Names - Jewish Surnames
Judaism 101 - Minyan [definition]
Judicial Branch State of Colorado
Judicial Council of Georgia
Judicial District Courts
Judy Webster’s genealogy tips
Judy Webster’s genealogy tips - Births, Deaths and Marriages in Qld
Judy Webster’s genealogy tips - Dentists and Dental Apprentices (Qld) 1917-1925
Judy Webster’s genealogy tips - Frequently Asked Questions
Judy Webster’s genealogy tips - Genealogy Publications by Judy Webster
Judy Webster’s genealogy tips - Miscellaneous Australian Certificates Index
Judy Webster’s genealogy tips - Nurses and Masseurs registered in Queensland
Judy Webster’s genealogy tips - Qld Police Gazettes
Judy Webster’s genealogy tips - Using and Compiling Indexes
Julie’s Genealogy & History Hub
Julie’s Genealogy & History Hub - Family History Through the Alphabet-Queries
Juno Beach Centre - Canada in the Second World War
Justice Québec - Courthouses
Justice Québec - Register of Letters Patent for Land
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