Topic outline

    • General news and announcements in each course are found in this General area. When you click the General Forum, you'll be able to read the announcement, post a comment, discuss with other students generally about the specific course you're taking. 

      A Forum is simply a place for announcements and/or discussion. It can be used for instructors and admin to post announcements about the International Institute of Genealogical Studies such as the Main Forum, a smaller general announcement area for a course or certificate program, or an assignment tool to allow specific assignment student discussions. Forums are always orange because you  interact with the tool on our site.

      Try the General Forum now. Click into the Forum and post a comment. This forum allows an optional sign up called a subscription. If you subscribe to this particular forum, you will get emails when someone posts or an instructor posts an announcement.

      In the next Module we'll visit the Dashboard.

  • Module 1