International Institute of Genealogical Studies
ATTN: Angela Breidenbach
2120 S. Reserve St. #543
Missoula, MT 59801

Phone: 1-800-580-0165 


Phone extension Staff Member Location Hours Email
x1 Angela Breidenbach, Executive Director Missoula, Montana 930 AM - 530 PM US Mountain Time Zone, Mon.-Fri.
x2 Sue de Groot, Director of Student Curriculum Ontario, Canada 830 AM - 430 PM Canadian Eastern Time, Mon.-Fri.
x5 AngieLynn Rodesky, Director Student Advising Middletown, Delaware 9 AM -1PM Sun-Thurs.

Brenda Wheeler, Director of English and Australian Records Queensland Australia (Hours vary by appointment)

Cheryl Levy, Director of Marketing Ontario, Canada (Hours vary by appointment)
  Claire Bradley, Director of Irish Studies Dublin, Ireland (Hours vary by appointment)  
  Melanie Holtz, Director of Italian Studies US/Italy Hours  
  Alison Spring, Director of Scottish Studies Glasgow, Scotland Hours  
  Kimberly Van Dijk Western Canada Hours vary, Mountain Time Zone  
  Shannon Combs Bennett, DNA Expert/Professor
East Coast, by appointment  
  Lisa Alzo, Eastern European Expert

East Coast, by appointment  
  Kathy Holland, Lecturing Course Moderator

California, by appointment  

Appointments with teachers and other staff can be arranged via classroom activities or by contacting

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