Family Tree Icon Take one class or choose a certification program. Whatever fits your genealogy goals. Courses are self-driven, with some video and special activities all online and easily accessed. 

We have grace and mercy for adults who are adulting. That's what makes us different and especially helpful to busy adults. If you run into a schedule challenge, we offer a grace period up to two weeks after the course ends. That grace period means you can move at no charge into the same course at a future date. If you don't contact us prior to the two-week grace period ending, then it's simply a 50% charge on that one course [not the entire program] to re-register at a later date.

Building your family tree using genealogical science helps you solve those mystery questions, learn to prove your ancestry, and understand where to look for the records you need. Our ancestral stories give us hope, courage, and a sense of belonging. Preserve your family stories and share them through the generations.

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