Join an orientation with the International Institute of Genealogical Studies and explore certifications, how to take classes. and experience how our self-paced classes work for you.

Course image Student Orientation-Free attendance
Self enrollment (Student)
Self enrollment (Student)
Course Summary:

Free Student Orientation with executive director, Angela Breidenbach

Contact Hours: 1-2 Hours
Grading Scale: No grade awarded,

Free Student Orientation with executive director, Angela Breidenbach. Learn to use the new site. 

  • 1 Contact Hour (example, students can return as we add more content)
  • Free, not a credited class.
  • Overview to familiarize students with the new online IIGS education platform
  • How to enter and take courses
  • Purchase course materials and books 
  • Options for course materials
  • Read/download materials 
  • Interact with class activities
  • Use class forum
  • Submit/upload class assignments 
  • Find Instructor Answers
    • Instructor answers are different for public versus private answers. 
  • Take exams 
  • Understand how classes track your grades 
  • How to book Analysis and Skills consultations 
  • Start/end dates 
  • Certification tracking and awarding

Geno the Genealogy Goose mascot may also put in an appearance.