Librarianship Records Certificate
# Courses Base Price
LIBRARIANSHIP-100 - Basic Librarianship Courses 4 $596.00
Courses 4 $596.00
Course: LI-101 - Librarianship: Genealogy Reference Interview $149.00
Course: LI-102 - Librarianship: Twenty-First Century Genealogy Services $149.00
Course: LI-103 - Librarianship: Specialized Genealogy Sources $149.00
Course: LI-104 - Librarianship: Developing Successful Genealogy Collections $149.00
LIBRARIANSHIP-200 - Intermediate Librarianship Courses 4 $596.00
Courses 4 $596.00
Course: LI-201 - Librarianship: Handouts, Brochures and Online/Multi-Media Reference Tools $149.00
Course: LI-202 - Librarianship: Internet Genealogy Searches $149.00
Course: LI-203 - Librarianship: Programming and Marketing Your Services $149.00
Course: LI-204 - Librarianship: Genealogy Record Types $149.00
LIBRARIANSHIP-300 - Advanced Librarianship Courses 2 $298.00
Courses 2 $298.00
Course: LI-301 - Librarianship: Cooperative Ventures and Referrals $149.00
Course: LI-302 - Librarianship: Developing a Genealogy Website $149.00
Package total: 10 $1,490.00

Librarians and docents who would like to enhance their collections, assist patrons, develop adult and children's events, gain credit for continuing education, and to grow a career in an archive have special opportunities here at the International Institute of Genealogical Studies. To receive your PLCGS Certificate in Genealogical Studies-Librarianship you must successfully complete 10 Compulsory credits and 2 Elective credits for a total of 12 credits.  This program will be of benefit to those who have a basic understanding of genealogy and who are involved in the genealogical collection of their library. Contact the office if you are a museum or historical docent for guidance in this certificate of study. Excellent for continuing education requirements. These courses are based on students having already learned research techniques as a librarian.

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