Business Skills Package-18 Courses
Category: Skill Building
# Courses Base Price
Courses 18 $2,152.00
Course: DG-203 - Forensic Genealogy $119.00
Course: PD-204 - Photography: Clues Pictures Hold, Editing, Digitizing and Various Projects $119.00
Course: PD-105 - Business Skills: Marketing Your Services and Products $119.00
Course: DG-201 - Organising a One-Name Study $119.00
Course: PD-202 - Research: House and Farm Histories $119.00
Course: DG-202 - Organising a One-Place Study $119.00
Course: PD-206 - Creating Genealogy Programs for Adults and the Younger Generation $119.00
Course: PD-201 - Demystifying Culture and Folklore $119.00
Course: PD-210 - Lecturing Skills Including Preparation $129.00
Course: PD-101 - Business Skills: Creating a Business $119.00
Course: PD-102 - Business Skills: Business Administration $119.00
Course: PD-103 - Business Skills: Career Development: Choosing a Niche-Part 1 $119.00
Course: PD-104 - Business Skills: Career Development: Choosing a Niche-Part 2 $119.00
Course: DG-301 - Genealogy Ethical Guidelines and Standards $119.00
Course: PD-203 - Personal Historian: Telling the Stories $119.00
Course: PD-205 - Writing for Genealogy: Articles, Blogs, Research Reports and so much more $119.00
Course: PD-106 - Business Skills: Establishing and Promoting Your Website $119.00
Course: PD-207 - Genealogy Society Creation and Management $119.00
Package total: 18 $2,152.00
This package includes all courses to give student a good understanding of how to start and manage a genealogical business, and what niche business opportunities are available to genealogists.

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